Ze Carlos Coutinho Sacrificed His Job For His Son’s Career

Philippe Coutinho, a Brazilian-born professional footballer who plays for Aston Villa and the Brazil national team, is Ze Carlos Coutinho’s proud father. Coutinho, a former Liverpool and Inter Milan player who plays as an offensive midfielder and winger, began his career with his local club, Vasco da Gama.

Quick Facts

Full Name Ze Carlos Coutinho
First Name Ze
Middle Name Carlos
Last Name Coutinho
Profession Celebrity Father
Nationality Brazilian
Birth Country Brazil
Gender Identity Male
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married
Spouse Dona Esmeralda Coutinho
No Of Children 3
Date of Birth March


Coutinho married his wife Dona Esmeralda Coutinho many years ago. They had three boys, Cristiano, Leandro, and Philippe, as a result of their marriage. They reared their boys in the northern region of Rio de Janeiro, where their son’s football career started. Phillipe longed to be like his elder brothers, who were constantly with the ball and confronting their friends when he was a youngster. His talent was quickly recognized, but it was Phillipe’s friend’s grandmother who that Ze Carlos put him in a football school, which he did.

Phillippe was a bashful individual who remembered sobbing on opening day. When he was invited to attend the club’s tryout, he stated he didn’t want to participate because he was timid, and on the open day, he was weeping and clutching his dad in the stands as other boys warmed up. But after he began playing football, he lost his shyness.

Ze Carlos Coutinho

He gave up his work to help his son’s career.

Ze Carlos and his wife were and continue to be very active as parents. When Inter Milan signed Philippe in 2008, he was forced to spend two years on loan at Vasco da Gama owing to age constraints. He was 16 at the time, and according to FIFA rules, international transfers of players are only permitted after they reach the age of 18.

So, when he reached 18, he transferred to Inter Milan. Along with him, Ze Carlos and Dona moved in with him to make it easier for Philippe to settle. Philippe describes his parents’ difficult relocation from their home Brazil to Italy. They were already elderly, and it was difficult for them to learn a new language and adjust to its culture. Phillippe also said that the most difficult thing was that his father had to quit his career, which was difficult for someone who enjoyed being involved. They did, however, return to Brazil after a period of time. Philippe is now joined by his wife and children.

Who is Philippe’s wife?

Philippe, his son, married Aine, his childhood love, whom he met via a mutual acquaintance. They met at a party hosted by a mutual acquaintance and ended up conversing for hours. They liked one other but couldn’t bring themselves to say anything. Because they lived in the same area, they began seeing each other more often and visiting places together, which strengthened their emotions for one another.

Because of Philippe’s quiet and reticent personality, Aine took the initiative initially. In 2012, the couple exchanged wedding vows in Milan, Italy. The couple had three lovely children: two girls, Maria and Esmeralda, and a boy, Philippe junior.

Ze Carlos Coutinho


His kid looks up to him

Philippe regards him as his hero and never forgets to mention it since he is aware of the sacrifice he made to get to where he is now. Philippe’s family is his first focus. He has tattooed the names of his parents, wife, children, and two older brothers on various places of his body. Philippe has almost 40 tattoos on various places of his body.

Net Worth

Ze Carlos’s net worth is being calculated. We now know his son Philippe’s net worth, who makes millions from his great football career. He has a net worth of $60 million as of 2022.

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