Zach McGowan May Not Have Met His Wife If He Hadn’t Given Up Football

Zach McGowan and his wife, Emily McGowan (née Johnson), met in college. At Carleton College, they met. It wasn’t love at first sight for them. Actually, it took her nearly a year to warm up to him. For the longest time, his commitment in football kept her from dating him. But, as soon as he abandoned it for the stage, their love affair started.

Zach McGowan’s wife disliked football players.

Zach and Emily are both members of Carleton’s class of 2002, which means they started at the institution just before the turn of the century. Zach selected Carleton because he wanted “an academically difficult institution in an unusual section of the nation.” Emily happened to be there by chance. In 1998, the two initially met at the college’s Goodhue Dining Hall. He’d entered the corridor with his football pals, and she was “swiping meal cards.” On his turn, he grinned and gave her his card, but she did not. “She wouldn’t speak to me,” the actor recalled in a 2019 interview.

Zach McGowan

“Emily will acknowledge that she had biases towards football players,” he continued. Even at a subsequent encounter arranged by mutual friends, he could tell she “sort of liked” him but thought, “Ew, that football guy.” All of this happened during their first year in college. Zach had to choose between football and theater for his sophomore year. He went with the latter. The choice may or may not have been inspired by his feelings for her, but it surely helped his love life.

She changed her mind about him after seeing him perform on stage. To get closer to her, he even persuaded a professor to pair them up for a project for an educational studies class they both took. Zach’s efforts were successful, and they began dating at the conclusion of his sophomore year. They have been married for nearly ten years and have been together for over two decades.

Zach McGowan’s Four-Child Family Life

Zach married Emily on September 27, 2008, and they have a wonderful family. They are currently the parents of four children. They had doubts about establishing a family, but they finally decided to go for it. Elsie, the couple’s first child, was born on March 24, 2011. She is 11 years old at the time of writing and enjoys soccer. Nelly, their second child, was born on April 9, 2014. Finally, on October 20, 2019, their third and fourth children, twins Vinnie and Josie, were born.

Zach McGowan

The family of six exceptionally gorgeous folks now attends at movie premieres and red carpet events on a regular basis. When Zach isn’t being a celebrity, he’s generally enjoying fun at home with his kids and uploading images on Instagram. His Instagram is chock-full of photos of his family throughout the years.

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