Yakira Chambers Passed Away At The Age Of 42

Yakira Chambers, a well-known actress, died recently at the age of 42. She was best known as the story editor for the hit CBS show NCIS: Hawai’i. The program will pay tribute to her in a forthcoming episode, which will air in January 2023. Yakira’s family acknowledged their sadness, saying that her untimely death had a profound effect on all of them. They regarded her as someone who gained a lot of respect in their community and said that she was living evidence of what it was like to pursue one’s aspirations.

According to their statement:

“Yakira’s enthusiasm stretched beyond her day-to-day business activity; she enjoyed assisting people in making a way out of no way.” She believed in equality and the desegregation of people of color in order to establish a level playing field for everyone.”

Her family also said that her desire to help others led to the founding of the CureConstanceFoundation, which assisted individuals who were suffering from health problems but could not afford treatment due to financial constraints. Yakira died from acute asphyxia, according to her relatives, after having problems breathing and being unconscious on November 30. She was at a mall in Newport Beach, California, with her mother at the time. Adebola Afolabi set up a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for the Chambers family. The page has raised more than $25,000 and intends to raise $70,000 in total.

Yakira Chambers was working on a pilot on the life of former gang boss Larry Hoover Prior to her death.

Yakira Chambers was up on Chicago’s south side and attended Southern Illinois University for her education. Before joining the field of entertainment, she worked as a software quality assurance manager. Chambers earned her Master’s Degree in Business Administration with the goal of pursuing a career in cinema and television. She began her career at the Los Angeles-based Baron Brown Studio and afterward attended Magdalen College. Yakira began her career in 2007 and was an executive producer on the 2012 comedy M.O. Diaries.

Yakira Chambers

She has featured in a number of films, including Insecure, John Henry, I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry, and others. Chambers was recruited as a writer and story editor after the launch of NCIS: Hawai’i last year, and the program was renewed for a second season. She was selected for the ViacomCBS Writers Mentoring Program after battling against thousands of other candidates. Prior to her death, she was working on a pilot on the life of Larry Hoover, a former gang leader and co-founder of the street and prison group The Gangster Disciples.

Yakira Chambers

Myseducation, another project she was working on, was believed to be inspired by her early experiences studying at a high school where the majority of the pupils were white. Yakira Chambers’ husband Anthony Welch, stepson Andre Welch, and mother Constance Chambers survive her.

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