Who Is Will Kulp From “Southern Hospitality”?

Southern Hospitality, a spin-off of Southern Charm, is a new Bravo program. The new reality TV series, Republic Garden & Lounge, will star Leva Bonaparte as the primary cast member and will focus on the staff of her nightclub. Will Kulp is a member of Leva’s restaurant crew. He is a bartender who was formerly a model in New York. According to his Bravo description, he was a “bright student” who explored modeling in New York before relocating permanently to Charleston. Will will be shown as a faithful lover as well as a good-looking bartender on Southern Hospitality. According to the show’s trailer, he is dating co-star Emmy Sharrett.

Learn more about Will Kulp and his romantic life.

Will Kulp chose to return home after a few modeling gigs in New York. Will, who was born and raised in Charleston, has been living with his parents since his return from New York. Will’s family consists of four people: him, his father Tim, his mother Katie, and his brother Jack. Will worked as a bartender at Leva Bonaparte’s nightclub, Republic Garden & Lounge, in Charleston. He does, however, continue to work as a model for Muse Men. According to his biography on Bravo, he has a girlfriend called Emmy who works as a VIP waiter at the same nightclub.

Will’s bio states:

“Charleston native Will Kulp was born and reared in the city. A talented student who pursued modeling in New York after meeting a scout by happenstance, he finally returned home and now lives with his parents. Though he isn’t as far ahead in his job as he would want, he knows that this is a unique period in his life. He works at the nicest restaurant in town and has a lovely girlfriend, Emmy, whom he adores.”

Will Kulp

Emmy and Will seemed to be at ease with one other in a peek. Emmy’s alarm went off during a staff meeting, and when her coworkers questioned what it was about, she said that it was time to take her birth control pills. She screamed out Will’s name in the midst of the meeting and requested him to take the medication from her handbag. Some were shocked when he handed it to her, and a few said, “very adorable.” Emmy revealed in the confessional that the pair had been dating for six months.

Will said in another candid video:

“I adore Emmy. I served my sentence as a single guy. It becomes tiresome after a while of hooking up with 50 or 100 ladies.”

Only time will tell whether Will’s love life will make it through the first season of Southern Hospitality.

When does Southern Hospitality premiere on Bravo?

Leva Bonaparte and her husband Lamar Bonaparte own four restaurants in Charleston, one of which being the Republic Garden & Lounge. It is one of Charleston’s most lively nightclubs, featuring larger-than-life staff personnel.

Southern Hospitality’s official summary is as follows:

“Southern Charm resident boss-lady Leva Bonaparte supervises Charleston’s very own “it” crowd, otherwise known as her larger-than-life crew at Republic Garden & Lounge.” Leva and her husband, Lamar, operate four restaurants on the city’s famed King Street, but Republic is their crown gem.”

Will Kulp

The cast also features Maddi Reese, Bradley Carter, Joe Bradley, Mia Alario, TJ Dinch, Mikel Simmons, Grace Lilly, and Luca Pea, in addition to Leva, Emmy, and Will. Season 1 of Southern Hospitality will air on Bravo on Monday, November 28 at 9:00 p.m. ET.

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