Who Is Richie Anderson From “Strictly Come Dancing”?

Strictly Come Dancing is returning with a new season that will light up the BBC One stage. The lineup for the performance has been released, and fans are ecstatic. This season’s performers include celebrities that everyone admires. Richie Anderson is one such star that will take the stage. He is most known for his work on BBC Radio 2’s Breakfast program, but he will now feature on the BBC throughout the night on the dancing show. Other broadcasters, sportsmen, actresses, and a Paralympian will join Anderson on stage. The historic season will include a total of 15 superstars. Strictly Come Dancing is described on IMDb as follows:

“Celebrities participate in a ballroom and Latin dance competition alongside choreographers.”

The program will air on BBC One on September 23 at 2 p.m. ET/7 p.m. BST. The program was originally scheduled to run on September 17, but it was postponed in honor of The Queen’s demise.

Richie Anderson will be part of the Strictly Come Dancing’s second male pair to compete.

Anderson is no stranger to the BBC. The award-winning host is a regular on the BBC’s Breakfast Show, where he delivers travel updates, and he has even presented his own radio programs. The presenter, who will feature on Strictly Come Dancing, is a former Coombs Wood F.C. Sunday League player. In 2018, the 35-year-old revealed his sexual orientation to his colleagues. He appeared on The One Show in a special program on homophobia in soccer and came out to his teammates during the shooting. After the game, he sat down with his teammates and explained why the part meant so much to him.

Richie Anderson

He stated:

“I play homosexual football. So I just want to be frank and honest with you boys, it’s just been class and it’s incredibly difficult for me to do this.”

Anderson’s speech was cut short as his teammates started cheering and praising him. “Richie is Richie,” a member of his crew told The One Show.

He went on to say:

“It makes no difference who you are, what color you are, what race you are, or what sexual orientation you have. You’re a member of this squad, and that’s all there is to it.”

The BBC regular is now slated to perform on Strictly Come Dancing as the show’s second-ever male partnership, and although there is no word on who his partner will be, the Strictly fan and participant is thrilled. Richie shared his delight about appearing on the program in a statement.

He stated:

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! I can’t wait to put on those sequins and glitter and wiggle over the world’s most renowned dance floor. It’s also a wonderful honor to be a part of an all-male dancing duet; it’s critical that we have that representation on such a big performance.”

Michelle Visage, a RuPaul Drag Race judge and former Strictly Come Dancing contender, recently gave Richie some advice on BBC Radio 2. Before going on stage, he asked her for some advice.

Richie Anderson

Michelle said,

“Avoid vogue.”

The two then made light of her appearance on the program and her vogue performance, with Richie telling her that he “liked it.” Michelle said,

“I suppose the British people didn’t.”

Kaye Adams, Kim Marsh, Ellie Simmonds, Tyler West, Matt Goss, Ellie Taylor, Molly Rainford, Tony Adams, Will Mellor, Jayde Adams, Fleur East, Hamza Yassin, James Bye, and Helen Skelton are among the other celebrities confirmed to compete on Strictly Come Dancing Season 20.

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