Who Is Laura High? Everything You Need To Know About Her

Laura High is a TikTok and social media figure from the United States. On the platform, she has more than 1.5 million followers. She was born and raised in Maryland. High began her social media career on Vine before switching to TikTok in 2016, when the platform was originally released.

Laura High is well-known for her hilarious videos and lip-syncs. Loren Gray and Josh Richards are two other TikTokers with whom she has partnered. Laura High appeared in a commercial for the iPhone 11 in 2019. The Ellen DeGeneres Show and Good Morning America have both featured High.


Laura High is a TikTok and social media figure from the United States. On the platform, she has more than 1.5 million followers. High hails from the state of Maryland. She began her social life with a bang.

Laura’s Height and Weight

Laura High’s height is unknown. She stands at a height of 5 feet 4 inches (1.64 m) and weighs approximately 52 kilograms (118.5 pounds). She has stunning brown eyes and beautiful black wavy hair. Her physique is slender. She also advised her fans to seek professional help if they were having difficulties. 36-25-42 inches is her physical measurement. She wears a 5.5 shoe size (UK).

‘Our Father,’ by Laura High, is based on a true story.

While the infertility industry has mostly gone unnoticed, Laura High rose to prominence after posting videos on TikTok on what it means to be a donor-conceived person and the challenges that entails. We now know that between 1979 and 1986, when there were no rules in the infertility business, Dr. Cline secretly inseminated his patients. Regulators are still scarce today, which is regrettable.

When a donor is used, parents are typically not given a choice of donor. They’d hear things like “he was an Ivy League physician.” When Laura was born in 1987, there were no STD test regulations in place. Our Father, while an extreme rendition of a common occurrence, is a genuine story, according to Laura.

“One of the persons on there is someone I know.” She said, “I know one of the siblings, therefore I know what happens.” “It’s horrifying, like something out of a nightmare.” But this isn’t the first time it’s happened. Not even a smidgeon, let alone a smidgeon. This isn’t a one-of-a-kind case in the infertile market.”

Laura’s TikTok Addiction

Laura started filming TikTok videos to raise awareness about the infertility industry. Thanks to documentaries like Our Father and Baby God, as well as DNA testing and a growing number of people discussing the industry on social media, many more people are now aware of how crooked the system is.

Laura and other proponents of improved infertility treatments have aided in the passage of legislation at the state and federal levels. In fact, Colorado recently approved legislation prohibiting people from disguising their names when donating sperm or eggs.

Laura said, “The entire industry must be restructured to be child-centric.” What can we do to assist you? “ Inform your local officials that you want what you desire.

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