Who Is Chandra Chugani From “Love Without Borders” 2022?

Love Without Borders will follow five single Americans as they travel the world in search of love. These singles will abandon everything—family, work, and friends—to discover the one they were born to be with. Naeem Thompson, one of the show’s stars, will be living with Chandra Chugani. Chandra is the creator of Chugani’s Boutique, a perfume-focused health and wellness firm. In the show’s teaser, Naeem and Chandra are seen falling in love, and although they go through a hard period, the Love Without Borders actor says that he can’t fathom his life without her. The Bravo show will air on November 30th.

Love Without Borders’ Chandra Chugani lives in Panama.

The creators of Love is Blind are planning another romantic reality program in which five American singles will try to find love. They’ve all tried and failed to find love, leaving their destiny in the hands of Arica Angelo. Angelo has found them each a partner based on “compatibility rather than a country.” Angelo has located Chandra Chugani for Naeem Thompson. Chandra resides in Panama, a Central American nation. She is the creator of Chugani Boutiques, a perfume-focused wellness, and health company. The entrepreneur received a bachelor’s degree in multilingual tourism from the University of Panama. As part of her schooling, she also studied business administration, leisure, nature, and tourism. Chandra speaks Spanish as her first language and English as a second language.

Chandra Chugani

Despite owning her own company, the Love Without Borders loves interest began her career as an administrative assistant at Huawei Technologies. Chugani worked for a variety of various firms from 2013 to 2020 before deciding to go out on her own and launch her own company. She has over 3000 followers on Instagram and is a frequent traveler. Her Instagram uploads feature photographs from her trips to places like Barcelona, Edinburgh, Amsterdam, and Los Angeles, among others.

Naeem is seen in Panama with a floral arrangement from Love Without Borders.

On Love Without Borders, Chandra is paired with Naeem Thompson, who travels to Panama to live with her to discover whether the two of them are soul mates. According to the show’s teaser, Naeem did not fit in with the Houston dating culture, but he was prepared to quit his career to pursue love. Naeem arrived at Chandra’s door with a bunch of flowers. The video hinted at a tough stretch that left Naeem dejected.

He says in the trailer:

“Chandra is having a dance with her ex-boyfriend. This is not what I expected.”

Chandra Chugani

However, it seems that they are not going to give up lightly, as Naeem acknowledges at the conclusion of the tape that he can not see a future without Chandra. Aaron Motacek, who will be partnered with Mael, Danna Richard, who falls in love with Brian, Philip Michael Thomas Jr., whose relationship with Carmen is shown growing in the teaser, and lastly, Gurleen Virk, who is searching for a commitment from Shreyas, will all be on the program. Watch what happens when Love Without Borders debuts on Bravo on November 30 at 9 p.m. ET.

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