Who Is Brittan Byrd From “Too Hot To Handle”?

Too Hot To Handle is back for another season, this time with 10 dumb young gorgeous candidates who have no idea they’re sliding into a robot’s trap. Brittan, 22, from Hawaii, is one of the competitors expected to feature in the forthcoming season. She just relocated to Los Angeles to further her modeling career.

The official Netflix description of the program is as follows:

“Too Hot To Handle, the hot reality dating program, returns to Netflix for season 4 on December 7, 2022. A fresh batch of lust-driven songs is hunting for love, with the assistance of TV presenter Mario Lopez and fan favorite Lana.”

Season 4 of Too Hot To Handle will launch on Netflix on December 7th.

Brittan Byrd from Too Hot To Handle season 4 enjoys going to the beach.

Brittan Byrd, one of 10 competitors slated to feature in the new season of the fan-favorite Netflix program, is originally from Hawaii but just relocated to Los Angeles to pursue her modeling career. She previously promoted Hawaii on the covers of Modern Luxury and Zephyr Magazine 2022. The blue-eyed beauty was formerly represented by Premier Models and Talent in Miami, and she often collaborates with two photographers, Amadeo and Megan Batson, whose work can be seen on her social media accounts.

Brittan Byrd

Her Instagram account presently has 120K followers, and she often promotes her modeling work. The Hawaiian native is mainly seen posing on the beach, both alone and with other models. Lana will subject Brittan and the other Too Hot To Handle participants to the ultimate test of abstinence, and they will be fined every time they disobey her rules.


Brittan’s Netflix bio goes as follows:

“Model Brittan, who was born and raised in Hawaii, is overjoyed to be surrounded by infants and sunlight at the retreat. Brittan, a self-proclaimed daddy’s daughter, believes she has guys figured out — and she’s ready to get precisely what she wants.”

Brittan Byrd

More information about the program

Too Hot To Handle season 4 will feature 10 participants who, like previous seasons, will have no idea they are on the program for the first 24 hours. Lana will be assisted by television star Mario Lopez, who will serve as the host of the phony program that the participants feel they would be a part of. Creed, Dominique, James, Jawahir, Kayla, Nick, Nigel, Seb, and Sophie will be joining Brittan in the forthcoming season, and none of them realize what they’re in for.

Lana will unleash a bomb that will surprise everyone. Individuals will be prohibited from engaging in physical contact or self-gratification as part of the program, and if they do not obey the rules, reward money will be withheld from the overall pot. If they resist indulging in physical closeness, one of them will win a large sum of money. Watch on December 7 to discover whether a pair wins the Too Hot To Handle prize money this season.

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