Who Are Kaz And Kieran Bishop From “Dated & Related”?

Dated and Related, a fresh new reality TV dating series planned to launch on September 2, 2022, will deliver the unexpected to our screens. The next reality TV dating show will feature a pair of siblings dating other sibling duos. One of the most embarrassing aspects of the show is that the candidates will have to find love in front of their brothers. The next series is expected to capture viewers with its sticky circumstances, plenty of drama, heated confrontations, and much more.

Kaz and Kieran Bishop are one of the sibling pairs that appear. Kaz and Kieran are twins from Essex, England, who are 30 years old. Kaz works as a fireman, while Kieran is a financial consultant. Find out more about them ahead of the release of Netflix’s new program, Dated and Related.

A few facts about Dated and Related twins Kaz and Kieran

Kieran has more Instagram followers than his twin Kaz. Keiran has about 24.4k Instagram followers and can be found under the account @kieranbishop__, with approximately 142 posts. Kaz has 3647 followers on his social media account @kazbishop_, and he has over 27 posts on his profile. The twins also have a joint Instagram account, @bishopbros_. The account seems to be fresh, with just around 172 followers.

Kieran Bishop

The mother of Kaz and Kieran was diagnosed with Chronic Sarcoidosis

After a protracted struggle with the illness, Kaz and Kieran’s mother was diagnosed with Chronic Sarcoidosis and died in September 2020. The Dated and Related cast members were close to their mother and wrote a heartfelt tribute in her honor. They have established a GoFundMe campaign to raise awareness of the condition and aid in the search for a cure.

The twins paid their last respects to their mother with a stunning homage, with Kaz wearing his uniform and Kieran wearing a suit. They later discovered their baptism robes while cleaning out their mother’s closet and posted a photo of them on social media. On their own Instagram accounts, the boys also have a highlight featuring postings for their mother.

The twins participated in Celebs Go Dating In 2021

Dated and Related on Netflix is not the brothers’ first reality program. They first appeared on Celebs Go Dating in 2021. Kieran dated a lady called Chole from Geordia Shore on the program. They were still in a relationship after the show concluded, but they split up soon after for undisclosed reasons.

Kieran Bishop

Both Kaz and Kieran are models.

Despite having full-time jobs, the brothers frequently model together. Kaz has a sizable TikTok fanbase and is signed by the London-based firm Mass Talent. Kieran’s Instagram followers increased once the announcement of his appearance on Dated and Related was publicized.

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