Vyacheslav Taran A Russian Crypto Billionaire Passed Away In A Helicopter Crash

Vyacheslav Taran, a Russian crypto millionaire, perished in a strange helicopter accident while heading to Monaco. According to many media accounts, the 53-year-old Libertex company co-founder was traveling from Lausanne, Switzerland, to Monaco through France in an Airbus H130 when it crashed near Villefranche-sur-Mer over the weekend.

Taran’s death was verified by his employer in a statement.

“It is with great grief that Libertex Group reveals the loss of its co-founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Vyacheslav Taran, in a helicopter accident on Friday, November 25, 2022, on way to Monaco.”

Vyacheslav was the helicopter’s lone passenger. He was accompanied by an experienced 35-year-old pilot, who also died in the disaster.

Vyacheslav Taran: Everything You Need to Know

Vyacheslav Taran, who was born in Vladivostok, Russia, has been residing in Monaco for some years. Taran worked as a radio engineer before breaking into the financial industry. In 1997, he launched Russia’s Forex Club, a foreign currency trading platform that grew to become one of the country’s top three exchanges. Although the Russian Central Bank shut down the portal in 2018, it is still operational in over 100 countries. The Libertex trading platform was established in 2012 under the Forex Club but registered in Cyprus. According to Russian media, Taran was involved with a number of investing and real estate enterprises, including the YouHodler wallet and the Wirex card and app.

Vyacheslav Taran

Some media outlets have labeled his death a mystery.

Vyacheslav Taran intended to go with another passenger on the helicopter that crashed unexpectedly, but that passenger canceled his trip at the last minute, according to France Bleu. There is no additional information about the individual. According to the Daily Beast, a Russian publication known for publishing pro-Kremlin material, Taran has “enemies in Russia.” According to the news website Life.ru:

“The guy made millions of dollars not as a trader, but by actively enlisting Russian residents in currency speculation, promising them huge returns with little deposits.” Nobody knows how much money was really taken from Russian people’s pockets.”

Vyacheslav Taran

According to the publication, this is why Taran’s adversaries in Russia are “dissatisfied.” In 2018, the Russian Central Bank shut down the Forex Club in Russia for allegedly defrauding investors.

According to local media sources, an inquiry into the helicopter accident has commenced, primarily because the meteorological conditions were favorable and no foul play is suspected. Taran’s death follows the deaths of two other crypto celebrities, Tiantian Kullander and Nikolai Mushegian, who shocked the crypto sector. Vyacheslav Taran is survived by his wife, Olga, and three children, including an adoptive son.

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