Top 4 Reason Why Dani Alves was Re-signed By Barcelona

Barcelona surprised the football world when they announced the re-signing of their former star, Dani Alves. That’s right, this isn’t a dream. That is the same, Alves. Brazillian. Bald. Delivers a ferocious cross into the box.

Alves had a successful decade at Barcelona, winning six La Liga titles, three Champions League titles, and two continental trebles. He only scored 21 goals in nearly 400 games across all competitions, but he did provide over 100 assists.

Xavi Hernandez, the new manager of Barcelona, is now putting the band back together. Dani Alves, a free agent, has now been signed by him. Unfortunately, Alves may not be able to play right away because players signed between transfer windows cannot play until the next window opens.

Dani Alves, on the other hand, can begin training with the Barcelona first team right away. That would be a concern only if Barcelona had purchased Dani Alves for his playing ability, which hopefully is not the case.

On that note, here are four possible reasons why Barcelona re-signed Dani Alves:

Number 4:  Dani Alves is a multiple-time winner.

Alves spent six years at Sevilla before joining Barcelona, where he won the Copa del Rey and two UEFA Cups. Then, in his first season with Barcelona, he won the sextuple, and he went on to win five more La Liga titles and three more UEFA Champions League titles.

Dani Alves
Dani Alves

He then moved on to Juventus, where he won Serie A and the Coppa Italia. Following that, he joined Paris Saint-Germain, where he won the domestic treble in his first season, as well as another league title. Before returning to Barcelona, he went to Sao Paulo and won the Campeonato Paulista.

Meanwhile, he helped Brazil win the Copa America twice. Dani Alves, on the other hand, simply knows how to win championships. He has been a part of so many championship teams, and this new-look Barcelona team desperately needs someone like him.

And maybe that good fortune will rub off on the struggling Barcelona team as well. You can never give up hope.

Number 3:  Dani Alves’ experience

Dani Alves’ success can be attributed in part to the fact that he has played so much. He has played 880 club games and another 119 for Brazil in his career.

Dani Alves
Dani Alves

Someone who has played at the highest level of the game has gained knowledge of the game through sheer exposure to it. He has witnessed and experienced everything that can go wrong.

Alves should benefit the Barcelona team more than veteran players like Sergio Busquets and Gerard Pique, who are also at the club. Dani Alves has a broader range of experience, which is a valuable asset in and of itself.

Number 2: Dani Alves has the Barcelona DNA

Barcelona suffered a setback when Lionel Messi left to join Paris Saint-Germain. They lost not only the player, but also his goals. Messi was a big part of Barcelona, and he was inextricably linked with the club’s identity.

Dani Alves
Dani Alves

It may always be associated with him. But it’s one thing for him to retire and quite another for playing for another club just 1000 miles away. Barcelona lost something intangible by losing Messi.

That is why bringing in someone like Dani Alves is a small step toward reclaiming that. Barcelona now has a new governing body. With a club legend like Xavi now in charge, they are attempting to forge a connection with the fans who fondly remember and yearn for the good old days.

Getting Dani Alves helps achieve this by providing the fans with something familiar, something they are used to, and something they enjoy. Having Alves at Camp Nou creates a nostalgic atmosphere that keeps the fans interested.

Number 1: Dani Alves could still have an impact in the super sub

Dani Alves is 38 years old, which is older than most players, but he is not old. Sure, he may not be able to play 90 minutes per week like he used to, but he can still come in and make an impact.

Dani Alves
Dani Alves

It is not unprecedented. On his return to Chelsea, Didier Drogba did it, and Juventus used Gianluigi Buffon on and off. It would be inefficient to have Dani Alves at your disposal and not use his abilities. I mean, he’s right there.

With La Liga now allowing five substitutions, fans may see more of Alves than they expected.

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