Susie Evans Declines To Participate In “Bachelor in Paradise” After Her Split From Clayton Echard

Susie Evans, the star of Bachelor Nation, recently spoke out about her dating life after her split from The Bachelor’s Clayton Echard. During an appearance on Us Weekly’s Here for the Right Reasons podcast, the reality star admitted to having moved on from Echard but also said that she would not participate in Bachelor in Paradise.

Susie said that she found it fascinating to see how various love ties may be made on the beach. While she first said that it was a terrific method to meet people, her time on The Bachelor and seeing season 8 of Bachelor in Paradise convinced her differently.

Susie stated:

“That’s fantastic that you can feel things out. But then, after being on a program this season, I realized, ‘This is exactly my nightmare.’ You’re on a beach, wearing a bikini, and you’re thinking, ‘No thank you [to being] on camera in a swimsuit ever.’”

Susie Evans discusses self-care and dating.

Susie also stated that she had excellent coping techniques to cope with the “temptations” that the program provides on a daily basis. She was, however, unwilling to freely sign up for the same. The Bachelor candidate also admitted to concentrating on herself for the time being. Susie Evans was introduced to viewers during Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor (season 26). Despite the fact that their love ended tragically in the series, the couple admitted to getting back together in the show’s reunion episode. However, the former couple announced their divorce in September 2022.

She said on the podcast:

“Right now, I’m absolutely focused on me.” I did put a lot of effort and time into my relationship, and I really cared for Clayton, who I believe was going through a lot of difficulties as well. So I’m extremely pleased to be able to concentrate on myself right now.”

Susie Evans

Susie also admitted to being open to dating. The celebrity went on:

“I’m absolutely interested in dating. I was invited on a date yesterday, and I instantly began sweating and thinking, ‘I don’t know whether I can do this.’ Not because I’m not ready, but because dating is terrifying.”

The Bachelor Nation star also admitted to having broken up with Clayton due to compatibility difficulties. She highlighted how the couple couldn’t agree on what they wanted from a spouse or from themselves, which led to their choice to divorce.

Susie, on the other hand, said that she would not alter anything about her time on the ABC dating program. Susie responded when asked whether she would be interested in dating inside Bachelor Nation:

“So I’d just have to make sure I really, really, really like that person before even considering a first date, because I believe it becomes problematic when people want to speak about it.”

She disclosed that she has huge plans for the future, one of which is to become a documentary filmmaker, and she is looking for a partner who can help her achieve that goal. The Bachelor candidate also desired a lifestyle in which she could “have great adventures and meet incredible people.”

“I need someone who wants to see me succeed and who, like, wants to be my greatest fan and cheerleader and support me emotionally through that because it’s a huge ambition.”

Susie Evans

Despite her reservations after viewing her season, she thanked the dating program for allowing her to meet some wonderful ladies and showed her admiration for them. Susie also informed US Weekly that she had lost contact with Clayton. She did, however, describe how she got a pleasant letter from her ex-boyfriend around a month ago about being appreciative of their relationship and the camaraderie they experienced while they were together.

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