“Sister Wives” Fans Chastise Kody For Expecting Janelle To Behave Like Robyn

On Sunday, December 4, Sister Wives broadcast Season 17, Episode 13. Janelle and Kody met at a restaurant this week to plan where they would spend Thanksgiving. Janelle chose to see her boys for the festival and then return to Arizona for Christmas since their children are not particularly close. Kody was irritated, and he contrasted his connection with Janelle to his relationship with Robyn. He added that Robyn was extremely faithful to him, but Janelle made several “single lady choices,” such as purchasing an RV. Janelle claimed that Kody felt Robyn was a “saint” and that their family mistreated her.

She refused to blame Robyn when Kody questioned why she was so devoted to Christine but not Robyn. Janelle mentioned that Christine was always there for her while her children were little. Kody believed he had lost respect for the women who were not faithful to him, and he even refused to speak to his own children who disagreed with Robyn. Sister Wives viewers were taken aback when Kody compared Janelle to Robyn and thought he was “delusional” about his love for Janelle.


Fans of Sister Wives want Janelle to leave Kody.

Kody married Janelle in 1993, and Robyn married him in 2014. Due to Covid, Kody opted to adopt Robyn’s children from her previous marriage and even spent two years trapped in a home with Robyn. Because of Covid, he refused to see his children and did not even phone them. Janelle refused to divorce Kody, referring to him as her “best friend and lover.” She was concerned about her intentions to remain in a plural marriage with Kody, considering that Kody preferred to be with Robyn over her.

Sister Wives fans slammed Kody on Twitter for pushing Janelle to be more “faithful” like Robyn, implying that he would abandon Janelle for his younger wife.

Sister Wives season 17 episode 12 recap

The preceding episode was described as follows:

“Christine and Kody fight over a snowblower on her way out the door to go to Utah; when Christine’s home sale falls through, Kody wants Janelle to purchase it, to to Christine’s chagrin.”

Last week on Sister Wives, Kody’s three wives discussed how Christine’s departure from the family affected them. Christine, according to Robyn, shattered her dreams of having a large family, and “the collateral damage will linger for generations.” Kody believed his divorce had harmed his relationships with Robyn and Janelle. He continued,

“I’m out of my element and out of my mission. I’m spiritually off track. I’m a jumbled mess.”


Christine, who had previously said that she would often return to Arizona after leaving, indicated that she was done with Kody and her prior life, meaning that she would never return to the sister’s wives. Christine said that if she returned, she would become a wife trapped in a loveless marriage once again. Janelle said that since there were no standards for multiple marriages, no one understood what to do after the divorce. Kody approached Janelle about purchasing Christine’s former home, but Janelle declined since she planned to construct another house on Coyote Pass. Kody reminded her that if she had followed to his advice about not purchasing an RV, she would not be in this financial predicament.

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