Seo Ji-hoon Is Said To Be The Lead Character In The Upcoming Drama “King of Four Pillars of Destiny”

Seo Ji-hoon, who starred in Seasons of Blossom, has been cast in the next K-drama King of Four Pillars of Destiny. On November 21, the actor’s management firm, Management KOO, released a press statement stating that the actor will play the male lead in the next fantasy drama.

The fantasy mystery K-drama King of Four Pillars of Destiny is based on the online book I Became A Genuis Fortune Teller. The theme of the program centers on the stories of a fortune-teller who not only predicts but also changes the destiny of a client. The protagonist’s fortune-teller is a master of an old Oriental fortune-telling style that has acquired popularity across the world owing to its effectiveness. Despite being an adaptation of the online book, the forthcoming drama promises to reveal characters and situations not seen in the original web novel. The upcoming Korean hero fantasy drama King of the Four Pillars of Destiny will be the world’s first fortune-telling mystery drama, and fans of K-dramas are looking forward to it.

More information about Seo Ji-part hoon in King of the Four Pillars of Destiny

In the forthcoming program, Signal’s Seo Ji-hoon will portray the male protagonist, Geum Tae-young. Geum Tae-young is a brilliant fortune teller whose life is fraught with mystery and intrigue. Suspense, romance, and drama are all expected in Kings of Four Pillars of Destiny. Tae-young is crucial to both the detective story and the romance.

Seo Ji-hoon

All About Seo Ji-hoon

Seo Ji-hoon is a South Korean actor who made his acting debut in the 2016 hit drama Signal as the antagonist. Following his performance in Signal, Seo Ji-hoon appeared in The Legendary Shuttle, for which he was nominated for a KBS Drama Award. Ji-hoon appeared in two globally recognized K-dramas, School 2017 and Prison Playbook. Seasons of Blossom was Seo Ji-most hoon’s recent program. It was a coming-of-age drama that centered on four Seoyeon High School students’ friendships and relationships.

Seo Ji-hoon

The program was organized in the form of an anthology, with each installment focused on a different ensemble of key actors. Ji-hoon introduced to the screen the role of the adolescent from the past, Lee Ha-min, who was famous and liked because of the public veneer he put up to mask his dark cynical side. Seo Ji-role hoon’s in King of Four Pillars of Destiny is distinct and unlike anything else the actor has played. Fans are looking forward to seeing the actor in a new light. The premiere of King of Four Pillars of Destiny is set for 2023.

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