Real Reason Behind The Divorce Between Norma Gibson And Tyrese Gibson

The full name of Norma Gibson is Norma Mitchell Gibson. She is well-known for being Tyrese Gibson’s ex-wife. Originally, she was from London, England. Tyrese, on the other hand, is an actor and singer. The actor is most known for his appearances in films such as the Fast & Furious and Transformers series.

Norma married twice

It was her second marriage with Tyrese. However, it has been said that she originally married another guy, the identity of whom remains unknown. Her first boyfriend left her because he was domestically abusive, pestering, arguing, and quarreling. The woman said that her previous boyfriend did not appreciate her, so she chose to end the relationship since she was tired of fighting every day. However, it couldn’t stay long with Tyrese.

Life with hubby Tyrese before divorce

Tyrese and Norma, the former couple, met in 2002. At the time, Norma was a college student living in London with her mother. The two people hit it off and sparkled in one other’s company. At the time, the artist lavished her with costly presents, took her on romantic excursions, and gave her limitless credit cards. After a year, Tyrese requested his woman go to Los Angeles with him, and she consented. She dropped out of college and her family to be with him.

Norma Gibson

The couple was expecting a child in 2007. They ultimately married after signing the prenuptial agreement. Both of them had kept their personal lives private and out of the public view, never mentioning anything personally. Nonetheless, their happy existence did not endure long, resulting in a bitter divorce.

What was the real cause of their divorce?

People were claiming that the woman was betraying Tyrese once the news of their separation spread. Some of them, though, accused Tyrese of lying. Following further research, it was determined that Tyrese was correct and Norma was betraying him. The artist confronted the woman about stealing and investing his money. When he questioned them, she denied it and said she was too busy enjoying her life. Norma did not modify her response after being questioned many times. Forcing him to file for divorce.


The former couple has a daughter called Shayla Somer Gibson. Their 13-year-old daughter is in their shared care. Everyone knew about their contentious legal and custody struggle for Shayla. Shayla’s mother, Norma, was authorized for temporary custody. Nonetheless, Shayla’s father was upset with Norma for allowing his daughter to sleep at a friend’s home instead of notifying him to keep an eye on her.

Norma Gibson

He was also unhappy because the woman had left the country for a few days in early January when Shayla should have been under her care. Not only that, but in August 2017, Norma accused Tyrese of assaulting their child. Tyrese shoved their daughter to the ground and held her face down, holding her knees on her back, gripping her wrists with one arm and striking her with the other, according to the woman. He also allegedly hit his daughter between 12 and 16 times, causing her to be unable to sit down. Nonetheless, the artist denounced all of the charges as false and insulting.

Tyrese Gibson had a difficult upbringing.

Tyrese grew up in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Watts. His mother, Priscilla Murray Gibson, raised him when his father, Tyrone Gibson, abandoned the family in 1983. He said that his upbringing was difficult since he had to go to school to eat. Locke High, a school in Watts, provided him with an acting background as well as thorough musical instruction.

Net Worth

Tyrese’s net worth is $3 million as of October 2022 and Norma’s financial information is not provided.

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