Netflix Has Unveils Production Stills Cuts From Yeon Sang-Ho’s Next Sci-fi Film “Jung E”

On January 10, Netflix released the production stills for Jung E, Yeon Sang-forthcoming ho’s sci-fi feature. The most recent Instagram stills depict a scientific lab with intricately set cameras collecting the sights needed for the next film. A few of pictures also show staff members holding conversations and others shooting sequences from the drama. A robot’s head is seen laying on the ground in another still shot.

Jung E, directed by Yeon Sang-ho of Train To Busan, takes place against the backdrop of the world becoming barren and inhabitable owing to extreme climate change. Soon after, a conflict breaks out in which the brain of Jung-E, the head of the friendly troops, is cloned and utilized to construct a battle AL.

Jung-E will be played by Kim Hyun-joo in the forthcoming film Jung E.

A brief of the story

Kim Hyun-joo will play the title character in Jung E. The K-drama takes place in the 22nd century, when the planet becomes utterly barren and inhabitable owing to climate change, forcing mankind to seek other means of survival. As a result, humanity is compelled to seek sanctuary inside a man-made shelter in which nothing is human. However, because to the dangerous scenario, a conflict quickly breaks out inside the bunker. The fight is then given to elite leader Jung-E.

Jung E

Soon after, people in power decide to utilize Jung-E as the subject of a brain cloning experiment and create robots that are comparable to her in loyalty, command, power, resolve, and every other distinguishing attribute. The plot twist occurs when Jung-E is forced to battle them in order to free herself and return to her daughter, who is waiting for her.

What is seen in the still cuts?

The stills depict a scientific lab in 2194 where the battle AL Jung-E was constructed, surrounded by desolate soil. The photographs also show the actors that worked in the production of AL. The head of the robot laying on the ground is inscribed with the English name Jung-E, suggesting that it is a member of the A.l. Jung E. While discussing the film, director Yeon Sang-ho claimed that he was astounded by how the production staff flawlessly executed every SF notion on the film set and that everyone worked like veterans in their own areas.

Jung E

More on Jung E

Kang Soo-yeon, Ryoo Kyung-soo, and Park So-yi have joined Kim Hyun-joo. Soo-yeon will portray Seo-Hyun, who is responsible for the success of the brain cloning project, alongside Ryoo Kyung-character soo’s Sang-hun. Kang Soo-yeon died on May 7, 2022, from a brain hemorrhage, and this was her last acting performance.

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