Marlyne Barrett Announced That She Is Diagnosed With Cancer

Marlyne Barrett, the star of Chicago Med, has revealed that she has been diagnosed with cancer after physicians discovered a large tumor in her uterus and left ovary in July of this year. Barrett indicated that she keeps her personal life private, but felt it was her obligation to communicate this tale this time, stating:

“When my character was diagnosed with breast cancer, I had a flood of individuals reach out to me on social media.” They gave me strength, and I felt compelled to meet their hearts where they met mine.”

Barrett also added that she wants to “inspire others so that they may feel comfortable sharing anything,” adding that most people are afraid to confront and even speak the term “cancer,” but they have more power than they realize.

Marlyne Barrett is a mother of two children.

Marlyne Barrett, a skilled actress who has achieved notoriety throughout the years, is also a mother to her two children. Barrett married her husband, Gavin Barrett, on May 15, 2009, and the pair later became parents to twins Joshuah-Jireh and Ahnne-N’Urya, who are 11 years old. Barrett recently said that her husband Gavin has been a huge support for her during her cancer experience. In relation to this, she stated:

“I’m married to the most amazing guy. He’ll drop everything to offer me meals and hand massages when I have pins and sensations in my limbs from the chemo. He’s dropped everything to be with me.”

Marlyne Barrett

More information about Marlyne Barrett’s cancer journey

Marlyne Barrett became ill following hernia surgery in April 2022, claiming that she had a buildup of fluid in her belly that she couldn’t get rid of, giving her the appearance of being nine months pregnant. She also said that she was having problems breathing. Doctors discovered a large tumor in her ovary and uterus in July of this year, which “shocked” her since her family has no history of uterine or ovarian cancer.

Barrett declared:

“I didn’t believe them at first, but when they showed me the CT image, I said, ‘Oh, my word.’” ‘Am I going to live?’ was one of the first inquiries. I just collapsed into my husband’s arms. When I think about it, it still takes my breath away.”

Marlyne Barrett

Doctors advised her to get chemotherapy followed by a hysterectomy. They also informed her that she would lose her hair, to which Barrett responded that, despite the fact that “her hair has been an essential of her beauty,” she “took a razor and shaved her head in front of her kids.” Marlyne Barrett has been working for Chicago Med despite certain health concerns, noting that she takes periodic naps and days off to keep her energy levels in control, adding:

“Because of the size of the cast, my mid-range is a different size, therefore the costume designer performs an amazing job.” Surprisingly, my character in the program already wears a wig! Work is now bringing me a lot of delight. It gives me a lot of relief to be able to focus on anything other than “When is my next chemo shift?” and “How am I going to embrace my children?”

She is prepared for her third round of chemotherapy in Los Angeles, taking things “one day at a time.”

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