Mariana Luccon- All About The Wife Of Real Madrid Football Ambassador Roberto Carlos

Mariana Luccon is well-known for being the stunning wife of current Real Madrid football ambassador and former professional player Roberto Carlos. Luccon works as a physiotherapist. Mariana, like her husband, is Brazilian.

Quick Facts

Full Name Mariana Luccon
First Name Mariana
Last Name Luccon
Profession Celebrity Wife
Nationality Brazilian
Birth Country Brazil
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation straight
Horoscope Gemini
Marital Status Married
Spouse Roberto Carlos
No Of Children 2
Date of Birth June 18
Married Date 2009

Married for almost a decade

Mariana and Carlos became husband and wife in 2009 after exchanging wedding vows. The pair married in front of over 600 guests at Terraco Daslu in Sao Paulo in a star-studded event. Brazilian singer-songwriter Alexandre Pires and his wife Sara Campos were among the visitors, as were former Brazilian player Juninho Paulista and his wife Juliana Giroldo, and Brazilian musician Chitaozinho and his wife, Marcia Alves.

Camargo Alfaiataria and stylist Manuel Motta designed the bride and groom’s wedding outfits, respectively. After their wedding, they flew to Dubai to spend some quality time together before returning to Turkey. Since then, there has been no indication of a divorce.


Her spouse admitted to sleeping with former teammate Ronaldo Nazario more than with her.

Roberto and former Real Madrid striker Ronaldo Nazario were teammates for Brazil and Real Madrid and have had a particular friendship since the 1990s. They won the 2002 World Cup as a Brazilian team. Carlos’ latest remark about their friendship was absolutely unexpected. In an interview for a DAZN docuseries on former striker Nazario, he claimed,

“Ronaldo excels in all he does.”

Along with that, he admitted to sleeping with former teammate Ronaldo more than his wife and doing everything with and without limitations with Ronaldo. Ronaldo, he said, had been his brother since 1993.

She shares two of her husband’s eleven children with him.

Carlos is the father of 11 children from seven different women, including Luccon. Two of them are shared by Luccon and him. She became a mother for the first time in 2009, when she gave birth to their first child together, Manuela. Marina, the couple’s second child, was born in 2017. Marina was born in the Clinic Ruber Hospital in Madrid. Carlos, 44, became a grandpa for the first time after three months. Giovanna, his daughter with his first wife Alexandra Pinheiro, gave birth to a son Pedro.

Carlos was accused of abandoning his children after admitting to suffering as a result of his inability to visit some of his children. Three of his ex-partners approached him and accused him of lying. They further claimed that, despite court orders, he did not attend to the needs of their children. Barbara Thurler and Alexandra Phaedra, two of them, even sued him for abandoning their children.

Mariana Luccon

Thurler, with whom Carlos has two children, Bernardo, 9, and Betino, 5, accused him of attempting to put his two children on the streets. She said that the father of her children had served her with a notice to vacate the apartment, and when she inquired as to why he stated that he needed to sell it. He intends to abandon his two children on the streets. Barbara reported that her kid has inquired as to if his father has died. However, Carlos disputed the charges, citing the distance between nations and a strained relationship with their moms as the cause.

Roberto was an aggressive player.

When questioned about his early career, Roberto said that he was usually on the wing and was highly attack-minded. Roberto reveals that he was also involved and played on his father’s squad. Moreover, his father played in midfield, while Roberto played on the wing. He claimed that even if he was booted out, his father would always jump to his defense.

Roberto began to adapt to a more defensive approach and went on to have a successful career as a full-back. Continuing, Roberto said that he has always wanted to play for a major club. He did, however, have to start small. His advice to everyone is that in order to play for a large club, you must first study and comprehend how to play for a little team. Then go to a top club, and then to the Brazilian national team. Roberto also believes that he was able to fulfill all of his aspirations. When asked whether he has a plan, he says, “Yes.”

He claims that he had intentions not just to play for Uniao Sao Joao, but also to play for Cordeiropolis before joining a first division team and advancing through the ranks. He then went on to say that he had plans to join a large club and subsequently play for his own nation. But then there was Inter Milan. He described leaving Sao Paulo at the age of 19 and traveling to Italy. Nonetheless, Roberto discovered that living in Italy was not simple. Roberto’s first day in Italy astonished him since he was already playing for the national team at the time, but after landing in Italy, he said no one recognized who he was.

He also considered what he would do there. He claims that everyone recognized him in Brazil and that everyone knows him in the country of football. When Roberto went to a restaurant near the hotel, he remembered the memory. He was sitting down when he saw one of the waiters staring at him. Well, the waiter knew him, so Roberto decided at that point to strive to be anything there. He also proposed scoring a beautiful set-piece goal or giving an interview to let people know who Roberto is.

Mariana Luccon

Net Worth

Mariana’s financial wealth is being investigated. As of now, we know her spouse’s net worth, who has acquired a staggering net income from his great football career. Carlos is regarded as one of the finest left-backs in football history, having spent 11 seasons with Real Madrid. From 1996 to 2007, he scored 71 goals in 584 outings while winning four La Liga crowns and three UEFA Champions Leagues.

He was a member of the Brazilian squad, representing Brazil in three World Cups, and helped the team win the 2002 World Cup. He received several prizes and accolades and was dubbed “The Bullet Man” because to his strong free kicks and bending shots. Carlos retired from football in 2012, at the age of 39, and was hired as a player/manager by Indian Super League team Delhi Dynamos. He appeared in three games for the club.

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