Logan Paul Stated That AnEson Gib Is This Generation’s Mike Tyson

Logan Paul congratulated AnEsonGib nicknamed Gib on his victory against Austin McBroom at the Banc of California Stadium in Los Angeles on Saturday. Gib put Austin out five times in four rounds for a clean win. Logan Paul took advantage of the situation to laud Gib on Twitter, comparing him to Mike Tyson.

“Gib is, simply said, the next Mike Tyson.”

Many of his followers agreed with the Prime Drink co-owner, however many others brought to the time Logan Paul ridiculed Gib on Brian Davis’ show True Geordie. With a hangover, he said he could knock out the British YouTuber.

Users on Twitter responded to Logan Paul’s tweet complimenting AnEsonGib.

Fans reacted positively to Logan Paul’s post, with many requesting that the developer plan a battle with AnEsonGib. However, the bulk of them reminded Logan Paul that he not only supported Austin before the battle but also made fun of Gib’s boxing ability. Logan had commented while discussing going up against the UK creator:

“I’m going to spar with Gib right now. I’ll leave this podcast hungover, go spar Gib, and he won’t make it through two rounds… It seems like such a waste of time to me.”

AnEson Gib

Others said that the British YouTuber was no Mike Tyson, but that he may be a decent match for Salt Papi.

What happened in the match between Austin McBroom and AnEsonGib?

Austin and Gib were set to face off in July 2022, but their battle was postponed owing to Gib suffering a brain injury. He withdrew from the bout to undertake medical testing, and the fight was rescheduled for September 10. Their battle was the main event of the second Social Gloves boxing program, which McBroom owns. Austin knocked AnEsonGib out in the first round, but he made an incredible return. He knocked out the ACE FAMILY owner five times in the following two rounds, including two in the third and three in the fourth.

The last knockout drove Austin out of the ring, thereby ending the contest. Gib informed his followers after winning the match:

“I traveled all the way from England to America to KO the CEO… I got my vengeance, and I received my atonement.”

Logan Paul

Gib needed vengeance for his last bout at the Social Gloves, therefore yesterday’s fight was crucial. The UK-based performer competed against American TikToker Tayler Holder in the first tournament in June 2022. The match finished in a tie, with AnEsonGib’s numbers substantially favoring him. Tayler had taken 47 blows from the YouTuber, whereas Gib had just 21. Because he helped plan the event, Gib feels Social Gloves, Austin McBroom, and Tayler cheated to rule in favor of TikToker.

All About AnEson Gib

Ali Loui Al-Fakhri is a British YouTube personality whose true name is AnEsonGib. He was born in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on July 4, 1996. When he was a youngster, his family relocated to the United Kingdom. Gib rose to prominence on YouTube thanks to his FIFA programming, which won him 2.31 million followers. He has also made videos for other games, most notably Fortnite. With over 900,000 followers on Instagram, the designer has a sizable following base. He is also a boxer who has faced Jake Paul.

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