Little Women Has Issued An Apology After Their Poster Designs Were Found To Be Plagiarized.

Little Women’s producers have issued an apology after being accused of plagiarizing their poster designs. The poster depicts three sisters from the show — In-joo, In-kyung, and In-hye — going towards an unknown location. This poster seems very similar to one issued in 2016 by Shiseido, an Asian cosmetics company mostly distributed in the United States and Europe. Fans spotted the similarities and turned to social media to give their thoughts on the posters. Many fans flocked to Korean online discussion boards to point out that the poster was not only influenced by the initial release in 2016, but also duplicated some of the same motifs, such as the bright and dark pastel tones.

The audience has overwhelmingly praised Little Women

The producers of the tvN K-drama revealed in a brief statement,

“As a teaser poster for the drama, the poster depicts the three sisters heading towards a better future.” After much discussion, the design team created the poster. We will be more thorough in the future and make certain that this does not happen again.”

Little Women

This is terrible for the program, which has gotten positive feedback from the crowd. The plot revolves on the lives of three sisters and how they escape their tragic destiny. For the time being, the program is focused on In-joo and In-Kyung. Their professional lives will collide when the two learn there is a link between the accountant’s death at the former’s firm and the latter’s theft inquiry.

So yet, the only indication supplied by the program is a blue orchid that appears everywhere. Furthermore, the guy who aids In-joo, Choi Do-il (Wi Ha-joon), seems to be an associate of mayoral candidate Park Jae-sang (Uhm Ki-joon). It remains to be seen if the three sisters will overcome their various difficulties in Little Women. For example, in the following episode, In-Kyung will attempt to prevent her sister In-joo from claiming the 2 billion Won that her deceased colleague left for her.

Little Women

Fans’ reactions to suspected plagiarism by the creators of Little Women have been translated.

Because the majority of the responses to the topic are in Korean, here is a quick translation of some of them. One of the fans expressed concern that open duplication of intellectual materials has risen lately, threatening the country’s rich cultural heritage.

Another admirer pointed out that the parallels did not end with the concept and style, but also the costumes worn by the drawing of the three main characters in Little Women were comparable to the original poster.

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