Lalo Rodriguez A Salsa Singer Passed Away At The Age Of 64

Lalo Rodriguez, a well-known singer, and guitarist died on December 13 at the age of 64. Cops found his corpse near Sabana Abajo in Carolina, Puerto Rico. The Institute of Forensic Sciences reported that there was no sign of violence on Rodriguez’s corpse. When authorities arrived on the scene after receiving a report about a lifeless corpse, the singer was unresponsive.

Although Lalo was embroiled in a lot of legal difficulties as a result of his drug and alcohol addiction, it is uncertain whether they had any influence on his death. Lalo’s cause of death has yet to be established, but an autopsy has already been scheduled to learn more.

Lalo Rodriguez has been in the music business since 1973.

Lalo Rodriguez, born on May 16, 1958, acquired an early interest in singing. He contributed vocals to Unfinished Masterpiece and worked on a few CDs. In 1980, he embarked on a solo career. He was well-known for his albums in the 1990s, and he published a total of 22 of them during the course of his career. During the early phases of his career, he cooperated with a variety of musicians. Simplemente… Lalo, his first album with eight hits, was released in 1980 by Tierrazo Records.

Lalo Rodriguez

In 1982, he penned the songs for his second album, Nuevamente… Lalo. After a couple more albums, his fifth, Un Nuevo Despertar, topped the Billboard Tropical/Salsa list in the United States. Sexsacional..!, Lalo Rodriguez’s second album, garnered a similar reaction. In 1992 and 1994, he published two additional albums, Du Vuelta en la Trampa and Naci Para Cantar. Estoy Aqui, his final album, was released in 1996. Rodriguez went on to record a number of compilation albums, including Serie Sensacional, Antologia, Oro Salsero: 20 Exitos, Pura Salsa, 12 Favoritas, and others. Between 1990 and 1992, three of his albums were republished and re-released.

Despite being marketed independently at first, his 1990 edition of Nuevamente… Lalo, titled Una Voz Para Escuchar, was issued by Capitol/EMI Latin. Rodriguez was well known for his hit Ven, Devorame Otra Vez from the album Un Nuevo Despertar. Palmer Hernandez wrote the song, which peaked at number ten on the Billboard Hot Latin Tracks list in the United States. Music duet Azucar Moreno and salsa music singer Charlie Cruz subsequently made renditions of the song.

Lalo Rodriguez

Other Works

Lalo was also a co-producer and songwriter on a couple of tunes. In 1988, he appeared with Eddie Santiago in the annual New York Salsa Festival, which was held at Madison Square Garden. TH-Rodven, a corporation situated in Spain, was engaged in the marketing of his items, and he worked with them for a long period. Several followers took to social media to grieve Lalo Rodriguez’s passing and to learn more about what caused his death. His four children from his previous marriage to Wanda Torres survive him.

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