Katy Perry Is Facing Backlash After She Announced That She Voted For Democrat Rick Caruso

Katy Perry was recently chastised for revealing that she voted for millionaire Democrat Rick Caruso in the Los Angeles mayoral race. The singer turned to Instagram to post a series of Election Day images, writing that she voted for Caruso because Los Angeles is a “hot mess.” In one of the photographs, the Roar singer can be seen snapping a selfie in front of the ballot and voting for Caruso. Another shot shows her making a pose in front of the voting station.

Katy Perry also shared a video with the following caption:

“Thank you for voting.” Congratulations, you have voted in the General Election on November 8, 2022. Don’t forget to take your sticker with you when you leave.”

Katy Perry’s Instagram picture sparked an internet outcry, with many criticizing her for supporting a politician notorious for “switching parties.” While Rick Caruso is presently running for mayor of Los Angeles as a Democrat, he has been a Republican for most of his life. Prior to joining the Democratic Party, he was registered as a non-partisan.

When did Rick Caruso switch political parties?

Rick Caruso began his public service career at the age of 26 as the youngest commissioner in the history of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power. In 2001, he was appointed to the Los Angeles Board of Police Commissioners and later elected president of the board. In 2008, he was also elected to the Los Angeles Coliseum Commission. Caruso was formerly regarded as a diehard Republican, but he changed his party membership in 2011 to “den to declare” when pondering a mayoral bid in 2013.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Caruso re-registered as a Republican in March 2016, and his allegiance was maintained until November 2019. He apparently switched to “no-party preference” shortly after and eventually applied for Democratic membership in January of this year. Caruso formally registered to run in the 2022 mayoral race over a month later. According to the Los Angeles Times, Rick Caruso changed parties four times in the previous 11 years, switching twice between Republican and no-party preferences before re-registering as a Democrat four months ago.

Rick Caruso

The Caruso firm owner said he was “glad to be a Democrat” in a statement posted on Tuesday. He also identified as a centrist, claiming to be “fiscally conservative but socially supportive of how individuals choose to live their lives.”

“As a Republican, I was a moderate.” I was a centrist when I was independent. As a Democrat, I lean toward the center.”

According to reports, Caruso has given considerable financial support to Republican candidates throughout the years, but has contributed often to Democratic lawmakers in recent years.

Katy Perry votes for Rick Caruso, and Twitter responds.

Rick Caruso’s mayoral campaign has long been scrutinized owing to his continuous shift in party allegiance over the years. Unlike other voters, singer Katy Perry has long shown her support for the politician. The artist was previously chastised for publicly supporting Caruso on social media. She faced controversy for rejecting the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision in July because her preferred mayoral candidate, Rick Caruso, was anti-abortion rights.

Katy Perry

Following the mayoral elections in Los Angeles, Kate Perry found herself in deep trouble once again after voting for Caruso as Mayor. Several individuals turned to Twitter in reaction to her decision and vote of choice. It remains to be seen if Katy Perry will respond to the growing outcry for her ongoing decisions as responses continue to come in online. Caruso has received support from celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris Pratt, and Snoop Dogg, in addition to Perry.

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