Jonnie Irwin Wife Stated That He Is Diagnosed With Terminal Cancer

Jonnie Irwin, a well-known television personality, recently revealed his terminal cancer diagnosis, claiming that he hopes it would motivate others to make the most of every day. Irwin said he had lung cancer that had gone to his brain and that he didn’t know how much time he had left. When Irwin’s eyesight went fuzzy while driving while shooting A Place in the Sun in Italy in August 2020, he was alerted to the situation. In an interview with Hello Magazine, he said that after returning from filming, he was given six months to live. He went on, saying,

“I had to go home and inform my wife, who was taking care of our children, that she was pretty much on her own.” That was catastrophic. I couldn’t help but apologize to her. I felt very guilty.”

When Jonnie Irwin was missing from A Place in the Sun, speculation about his health began to grow, and he seemed visibly different when he returned this summer. He described himself as having a nasty secret on his back, like a monkey. He went on, saying,

“I hope that by shaking that monkey off, I may encourage others suffering with life-limiting conditions to make the most of every day, to show them that you can have a good life even if you’re dying.” This will catch up with me one day, but I’m doing all I can to postpone that day for as long as possible.”

Jonnie Irwin


Irwin expressed his thankfulness to his wife and children, stating that although individuals like him have bucket lists, they prefer to spend the majority of their time with their families. He will keep working with the goal of surviving cancer rather than dying from it. Irwin wants to make more memories with his family so that his children will remember their father. He even encouraged people to get life insurance, saying he is stress-free because his wife and children will live in a completely paid-off house, and some money will be saved for them in the bank.

Everything about Jonnie Irwin’s wife

Since 2016, Jonnie Irwin has been married to Jessica Holmes. In 2018, Irwin and his family relocated to Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, after their marriage. Although Irwin is a well-known figure, nothing is known about his wife’s present occupation since she likes to stay out of the spotlight.

Jonnie and Jessica have three kids: Rex, Rafa, and Cormac. Rafa and Cormac were born in June 2020, while Rex was born in December 2018. Irwin shared a photo of himself and Jessica cradling the twins on social media to mark their birth. He explained:

“They’ve finally come!” After a hard day at the hospital, the lads finally decided to show up. They share every physical feature, including a considerable 5 pounds 7 pounds apiece, but no names have been assigned.”

He went on, saying,

“Jess was fantastic as always.” I’m quite proud of her for hauling about what resembled a globe for the previous two weeks. I’d also want to thank The RVI’s outstanding staff in Newcastle.”

Jonnie Irwin

Along with Jasmine Harman, Jonnie Irwin hosted the Channel 4 program A Place in the Sun – Home or Away. In addition, he has hosted series such as Escape to the Country, To Buy or Not to Buy, Dream Lives for Sale, and The Renovation Game.

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