James Corden Was Banned From Ryanair Due To His Rude Behavior

Ryanair banned English actor James Corden soon after he was temporarily barred from visiting New York’s famed restaurant Balthazar. The firm, renowned for its amusing social media postings, announced the restriction on Twitter, along with a picture of Corden with a red ‘cancel’ circle around his face. Given that James Corden has been trending on Twitter for harshly treating restaurant waiters, the restriction might just be the airline’s attempt of capitalizing on a trend. This prompted a slew of amusing memes on the internet, with some individuals applauding the ban. It also elicited comparable retorts from other brands.

James Corden’s flying narrative involves his own family.

Keith McNally, the owner of the restaurant, banned the British comedian due to his harsh conduct toward the workers and servers. McNally eventually overturned the suspension after Corden apologized sincerely. The internet, on the other hand, was overwhelmingly in favor of the ban, arguing Corden was a “nightmare” who deserved it.

James Corden

Soon after, reports regarding The Late Late Show host’s dealings with other individuals reappeared. One such resurfaced tale was the notorious one involving James Corden, a lady, and a baby. Passengers on a trip from London to New York claimed to witness the Cats star sitting close to a lady with a baby. Corden, to their surprise, did not protest about the youngster or exhibit any indications of distress. He put on his headphones and stayed silent. When the aircraft touched down, Corden remained sitting, while the lady wrestled with her baggage from the overhead compartment. Following that, the lady stated to Corden:

“Can you, for f**k’s sake, hold the baby while I bring the bags down?”

The lady turned out to be his wife, and the child was his. Whether or not the tale is factual, it does not invalidate other accounts of his unpleasant conduct. Most people believe these tales because they seem to coincide with other observable acts.

Despite not being gay himself, Corden has faced backlash for playing various LGBT roles. Users claim he employs homophobic tropes and caricatures. He is also hated because he is anti-union, which the internet thinks is elitist in character.

James Corden

Other airlines have joined Ryanair in banning James Corden.

Corden, who has a net worth of almost $70 million as of November 2022, is unlikely to fly on a low-cost carrier like Ryanair. However, the Irish-owned firm is notorious for making light of current events and may be kidding about the ban. They’ve made jokes about Leonardo DiCaprio’s dating history, Boris Johnson’s Paygate controversy, and Eric Trump’s usage of a private plane in the past.

Whether or not the airline was serious, it prompted other firms, even those with no ties to James Corden, to impose similar restrictions. The Nebraska Humane Society, Riot Fest, and even Ba Sing Se (a fictitious city in the Avatar anime series) joined in. One user even prohibited him from entering “the general Yorkshire region.” Other tweets concerning the scenario have also emerged, resulting in memes and jokes. As of this writing, no Ryanair official has commented on the subject. The comedian has not yet commented on the incident.

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