“I Hate Suzie” Season 2 Is Set To Be Released On HBO Max

I Hate Suzie Too, Season 2 of I Hate Suzie, will premiere on HBO Max on Thursday, December 22 at 3:01 a.m. ET. Season 1 of the program featured the lives of Suzie Pickles (Billie Piper), an actress whose life was turned upside down after her smartphone was hacked and intimate images of her were exposed. There are eight episodes in all, each concentrating on “one of the eight phases of trauma” that Suzie goes through. It is based on Kübler-five Ross’s stages of mourning concept, which includes denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.

The storyline of I Hate Suzie Too is discussed.

Suzie’s first season concluded with her coming to grips with her circumstances and having to make some major choices. After the leak, we witnessed Suzie fight her ex, friend, lover, and herself in the previous episode. She even goes on a cocaine binge and has a public breakdown, but she eventually accepts her situation.

I Hate Suzie

Suzie irritates me. Billie Piper will also reprise her role as Suzie. She has a new agency, publicist, and job dancing for shows like Dance Crazee, a reality TV competition that keeps the Saturday night audience glued to the screen. Suzie returns to her first love, the audience, after losing everything. Fighting her ex-husband, Cob, with the help of her closest friend Naomi, she must try to keep her and her son Frank’s life together while participating in Dance Crazee. She must learn to navigate her new life as a single mother and ex-wife. Unlike season 1, I Hate Suzie Too will only feature three episodes and will be labeled as a ‘anti-Christmas’ special.

According to the show’s IMDb synopsis:

“A female celebrity’s whole existence is turned upside down when her phone is hacked and a picture of her in a very compromising position surfaces.”

Billie Piper received recognition for her acting and dancing abilities in the series. The program has received a lot of praise for its gloomy tale and many adrenaline-pumping scenes.

I Hate Suzie’s Cast Leila Farzad and Daniel Ings are also on the list.

Billie Piper, an English actress, and former singer star in the play, with Leila Farzad, Daniel Ings, Nathaniel Martello-White, Matthew Jordan-Caws, and Emma Smithin providing crucial support. Piper was nominated for Best Actress at the BAFTAs in 2021 for her role in the series.

I Hate Suzie

Lucy Prebble and Piper conceived the series, with Prebble also acting as the writer. It was directed by Georgi Banks-Davies and Anthony Neilson, while the music was composed by Johnny Lloyd and Nathan Coen. Piper rocketed to fame at the age of 15 with her breakthrough song Because We Want To, and she established her reputation with albums such as Honey to the B and Walk of Life. She eventually left music to pursue acting, appearing in Doctor Who, Secret Diary of a Call Girl, Penny Dreadful, Collateral, and countless more productions.

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