How Rich Is Rita Ora? Net Worth, Career, Salary

Calvin Harris has finally come up and put an end to speculations that he was planning to produce an album for his ex, Rita Ora, a British actress and singer-songwriter with a net worth of $30 million. All of this comes as writer George Griffiths recently went to Twitter to discuss how the unreleased song would have catapulted Rita Ora to fame. George tweeted on November 27:

“A reminder that if Rita’s Calvin Harris-produced second album hadn’t been sabotaged I will never let you down was the first of MANY songs), she would have probably been one of the greatest pop sensations in the world for like 2 years, I have never gotten over that.”

Calvin Harris, on the other hand, responded to the article on Twitter, dismissing the claim as a “myth”:

“The whole thing is a hoax; there is one unpublished song on which I worked, and it isn’t good.”

The tweets followed Rita Ora’s recent interview, in which she discussed how her second album was “scrapped.”

Rita Ora’s net worth

Rita Ora rose to notoriety in 2012, with the success of her single “Hot Right Now.” The song catapulted her to fame, topping various charts in the United States and the United Kingdom. While the singer has only recorded two studio albums to date, she has worked extensively in cinema and television, earning her recognition and money. The musician has a net worth of $30 million and owns a number of houses in London and Manchester. Aside from that, she has a variety of automobiles, including a Jaguar F type, a Range Rover, a Kia, a Volvo, and a few more. Brand sponsorships and partnerships with famous names in fashion also contribute significantly to her earnings.

Rita Ora

Furthermore, the singer is claimed to earn more than $2 million every year, which contributes to her enormous net worth. What is the story behind the Rita Ora and Calvin Harris drama? Ora discusses the cancellation of her second album. Rita Ora and Calvin Harris apparently dated in 2013 and were in a relationship for roughly a year. They also collaborated on the famous song “I Will Never Let You Down.” However, the two ended their relationship a few months later in 2014, with Harris officially confirming the break-up through a tweet.

Soon later, speculations circulated on the internet regarding Calvin removing several tracks off Rita’s second album. Rita stated that Harris had prevented his ex-girlfriend from playing their song, I Will Never Let You Down, at the Teen Choice Awards. Rita Ora sued Jay-Roc Z’s Nation in 2015, accusing the label of “neglect” about her record. While the matter was resolved in 2016, Ora addressed the news of her second album being delayed due to her split in a number of subsequent interviews.

What did Rita Ora have to say in a recent interview?

In a recent interview with Louis Theroux, Ora addressed the criticism surrounding her second album, saying:

“I’m not sure. I had been recording for maybe two or three years. There was a complete moment about to unfold, I was recording a music video, and they canceled it. I felt terrible, as though I’d let them down.”

Rita Ora

She also addressed reports regarding her apparent conflict with Rihanna during the conversation. She cleared the air by saying:

“I can’t speak for others, but I believe that women are usually pitted against one another in public.” I’ve always been a fan and respecter of her, and I always will be.”

While Rita Ora has never directly cited Calvin Harris’ name or accused him of putting her second album on hold, the allegation has been circulating on the internet for over eight years.

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