How Rich Is Gillie Da Kid? Net Worth, Career, Salary

Gillie Da Kid recently chastised American Airlines for racial profiling after he was allegedly searched at a Texas airport. A video of the search went viral as well, showing Gillie disputing with a TSA agent dressed in a cowboy hat. Gillie posted the video to his Facebook page, identifying American Airlines.

He stated:

“You picked the wrong ni**a today buddy, a plane full of white people departing Dallas and the lone black guy gets asked whether he has illicit substances in his suitcase.”

In the video, Gillie says:

“What are you talking about? You want to peek in here?” “You asked me if you could search [my luggage], so I did.”

The agent responded by telling Gillie not to lie to the camera, and Gillie told him to leave him alone.

He said, ”

“I’m probably the wealthiest guy on this aircraft, dude, stay away from me.”

The agent smelled marijuana and informed Gillie that it is banned in Texas. Gillie, on the other hand, refuted the accusations on the spot.

Gillie Da Kid’s Net Worth

CelebrityNetWorth estimates the 38-year-net old’s worth to be about $2 million as of November 2022. Detailed information on his assets has not yet been released, although he has amassed a substantial fortune from his successful career in the music business.

Gillie Da Kid


He signed with musical companies like Roc-A-Fella and Warner Bros., but the relationships were short-lived. After that, he signed up with Cash Money Records and began ghostwriting songs for Lil Wayne. He was also a part of the Major Figgas gang and a Suave House Records artist. He then went out on his own. Gillie Da Kid is an underground Philadelphia rapper who rose to prominence with his mixtapes titled King of Philly. He rose to prominence via videos broadcast on his official Instagram account.

In March 2007, a collection of his mixtapes was published, and he is also a close buddy of Mike Tyson. In August 2011, he joined Tamba Hali to start Relumae Records, a musical company. He has around 2.5 million Instagram followers. Gillie Da Kid recently made news for his criticism of people who shared recordings from the scene of Takeoff’s death. Gillie criticized those who were documenting the celebrity’s demise, writing:

“Why, every time something happens to a rapper, an athlete, an entertainer, or anyone of color, the first thing you n*ggas do is pull out your f**kin’ phones and start recording, and then post that s**t on the internet, man. Y’all n*ggas are clowns for that s**t, man. The last image a m*******a wants to see is they people laying on the ground bleeding the f**k out.”

Gillie Da Kid

Gillie chastised the public, claiming that someone had died and that people were attempting to acquire likes, which was unacceptable.

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