“Home Town The Country House” Season 6 Is Set To Be Released On HGTV

Town of Origin The Country House will return to television screens for the next season on Sunday, December 4, at 8 p.m. ET. The Napiers adore Mississippi and have made it their personal goal to preserve it. Erin and Ben Napier are on a quest to bring life to their little town of Laurel while simultaneously managing their personal lives.

According to HGTV’s news release regarding the show:

“Ben and Erin say they’ve dreamt of establishing a location where they can slow down and enjoy seeing their daughters, Helen and Mae, play, inspired by their childhoods.”

It goes on:

“With the assistance of their ‘framily’—close pals Mallorie, Jim, and Josh—Ben and Erin will renovate their new home into a traditional English country house where their children and cousins may build moments they’ll never forget.”

Home Town The Country House returns for a new season with the Napiers.

The Napiers will go to the countryside in season 6 of Home Town The Country House. The two will confess that they want a location to slow down and allow their children to grow up “outside” in the backyard, much as they did. In a social media advertisement, the HGTV couple revealed to the world that they had acquired a home just outside of Laurel in order to provide their children with the greatest upbringing possible. While Ben did not grow up in the “country,” it was always nearby, and he often spent weekends with his grandparents, who owned large farms. Meanwhile, Erin grew up in a backyard and spent a lot of time outside. The two want their children to enjoy the same experience, which inspired their latest purchase.

Home Town The Country House

The forthcoming season of Home Town The Country House will walk viewers through the restoration process. Close friends will assist the newlyweds, which means that memories will be built even before the home is ready for the big reveal. In the trailer, Erin asked her children whether they were ready to be “country girls,” and then the pair told stories about their youth. She went on to say that she grew up digging in the backyard, enthralled with fossils and all things mud, and is concerned that her girls would never be allowed to do so.

Ben continued:

“So having a spot in the country where we can say, ‘Go outdoors, do whatever you want,’” explains the author.

In the commercial, Erin also said that when her girls walk in at the end of the day, she wants their hair to be tangled and the “bathwater to be muddy.” In an interview with House Beautiful, they discussed “becoming their own clientele” and how frustrating it is since they know so much about what is out there.

Erin also stated:

“We already know much too much about what is conceivable. I didn’t sleep for about two months before we completed it. I would wake up in the middle of the night, worried.”

Home Town The Country House

She went on to say that remodeling houses for others are much simpler than renovating homes for themselves since the Home Town The Country House pair has an opinion on everything. See how the pair renovates their own farm in the forthcoming season of Home Town The Country House on HGTV on December 4, with episodes available to view after they show on Discovery+.

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