Here Are The 5 Terrifying Facts About Larry Hoagland

Larry Hoagland, a Rancho San Diego professional photographer and father of three, attempted to murder his wife of 25 years, Connie Hoagland, in September 2010 by planting a bomb in her vehicle. After surviving injuries and through multiple treatments, she discovered that her husband was living a “double life” with his old high school lover.

Hoagland was eventually convicted on various offenses and sentenced to life in prison with an extra 13 years in jail two years later. During his trial, both his wife and girlfriend testified that he was telling them falsehoods and that he wanted to go to Pennsylvania, which is why he made two efforts to get Connie out of the way. The odd case, which drew widespread media attention, will be featured on Dateline: Secrets Uncovered’s episode titled Deadly Intent, which will debut on Tuesday, November 15, at 10 p.m. ET on Oxygen. Following the explosion, an inquiry uncovered some surprising truths regarding Larry Hoagland and his previous family.

Larry Hoagland’s crimes and five essential facts

1) Larry Hoagland had an affair with his ex-girlfriend.

Hoagland allegedly reunited with his high school love, Lee Ann Rupert, and started an adulterous romance with her. He told his girlfriend that his marriage was on the brink of divorce and that he planned to marry her after relocating to Pennsylvania. Furthermore, he lied to his wife and made excursions to see his lover while pretending to be on business.

Larry Hoagland

2) He attempted to blow up his wife two weeks before the tragedy.

Hoagland attempted to kill Connie for the first time roughly two weeks before the explosion outside a childcare facility. He allegedly placed a device that did not detonate and was subsequently discovered in the middle of a route that his wife often traveled near the family’s Rolando property.

On September 23, 2010, two weeks after his first unsuccessful attempt, Connie Hoagland’s Ford F-150 caught fire outside the Rancho San Diego childcare facility after a pipe bomb attached to her vehicle exploded. Larry’s second effort nearly succeeded, but Connie just escaped with serious injuries.

3) Larry’s online search history was critical in putting up a case against him.

While Connie Hoagland was still in the hospital a few days after the incident, authorities investigating her case received a tip that led to her arrest. When Larry Hoagland’s business partner examined recent web searches on the computer they shared, he discovered suspicious information. He allegedly uncovered over 20 different websites with bomb-making info.

They also discovered additional circumstantial evidence that he had recently purchased a bomb component from an electronics store. Authorities also discovered two numbers written on a piece of paper inside Larry’s wallet, which they believe were used to detonate the explosives.

4) Hoagland lied about his marriage to his lover Lee Ann Rupert.

During the trial, both Connie and Lee Ann Rupert testified, telling their sides of the story. According to Rupert, Hoagland informed her that he and Connie were no longer living together and were in the process of divorcing. She and Larry Hoagland spoke about getting married all the time. She went on to say that she was unaware of Hoagland’s pipe bombing attack, which turned out to be true.

Larry Hoagland

5) Following his arrest, Larry Hoagland confessed to his wife about the affair over the phone.

Investigators discovered circumstantial evidence linking Larry Hoagland to the explosion that nearly killed his wife on his electronic devices, leading to his arrest five days later. Hoagland revealed the shocking news during a phone call with his family, which included his hospitalized wife. He apparently admitted to the affair, according to Connie Hoagland.

When asked about the specific phone call, Connie allegedly stated:

“‘Hello Connie,’ he said. I simply wanted to let you know that I’ve been having an affair, since it’s going to come out.’ Then he added, ‘But I’ve been dedicated to you since Thursday, which was the day of the bombing.’”

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