Heo Chan Of VICTON Has Issued An Apology To His Fans For His Intoxicated Driving

On September 23, 2022, VICTON’s Heo Chan personally apologized for his reckless driving under the influence conduct. The 26-year-old K-pop star will take a break and will not be involved in any group or solo activities. According to IST Entertainment, the artist is being investigated and will most likely have his driver’s license revoked.

Heo Chan said in his letter that he was sorry for his actions and apologized for the events of September 20, 2022.

“Hello. Heo Chan here. First and foremost, I bend my head and genuinely apologize for having to deliver this heinous news so close to many important events. I apologize once again for provoking social uproar on September 20 as a result of my erroneous actions.”

He went on to say that he felt responsible for his actions and the pain they caused not just to VICTON but also to the others working behind the scenes to support the organization.

“As a prominent person who should be setting a good example for the general public and my supporters, I should have felt even more responsibility for my conduct, but instead, I finished up inflicting immense disappointment by making the incorrect decision in a single moment.”

Heo Chan

He went on to say:

Above all, I found myself reflecting on myself and my flaws while thinking of our fans who have spent the past six years believing in me and cheering me on, as well as my fellow [VICTON] members, people at our agency, our many staff members, and the many other people who must have been hurt by my actions.”

Heo Chan of VICTON also apologized sincerely for the “pain and disappointment” his actions caused fans and others close to him.

IST Entertainment has announced a sabbatical for VICTON’s Heo Chan due to drunk driving.

VICTON will temporarily promote as a five-member group beginning September 22nd, according to surprising news. This covers forthcoming events, such as their fan concert CHRONICLE next month. The decision was made when IST Entertainment stated that VICTON’s Heo Chan was arrested for drunk driving two days before, on September 20. He was on his way home after a get-together with his buddies. He is presently collaborating completely with police inquiries.

According to the agency, Heo Chan was “remorseful and pondering on his behavior.” They also apologized to the affected parties and fans for any inconvenience. The length of his suspension was not specified by the corporation. The VICTON member also sent a letter via his agency on the same day as the official declaration. He professed his sorrow in the letter, stating he was “sincerely meditating on my transgression, and I’m spending each and every day steeped in regret and self-blame.”

Heo Chan

Heo Chan of VICTON concluded his letter with harsh comments regarding his remorse. He said that he would remember the criticisms leveled at him for his irresponsible actions and strive to become a better person. He said,

“In comparison to the pain and disappointment that all of you must have experienced as a result of this episode, I will repent many times more sincerely and feel this [penitence] all the way down to my bones.”

He continued:

“I will keep in my heart all of the criticism and censure I get for my irrevocable deeds, and I will think carefully on myself so that I may live my life while becoming someone I am not ashamed of.”

Heo Chan of VICTON will be missing from the next fan concert CHRONICLE on October 15 and 16, 2022.

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