Gena Tew Announced That She Is Diagnosed With AIDS

Gena Tew, an Instagram model, has been documenting her health experience since receiving an AIDS diagnosis. Tew just released a TikTok video two days earlier, in which she told her fans that she was unwell and on the edge of death before medics realized what was wrong with her. While she said she had no idea who had given her the virus, she did confess that medical professionals informed her she had been infected for eight to ten years. The social media personality, who has been associated with various A-list hip hop musicians like Chris Brown, Nick Cannon, Dave East, and Chief Keef, has indicated that she would not reveal people who may be in danger.

Gena Tew stated in her most recent video while explaining the various probable ways she may have caught AIDS, that she had been molested a few times while homeless and living in New York. She went on to say:

“I’ve gotten a few free tattoos, so it may have been a filthy needle.” Do I recognize any of those people? No. Did I say anything when those events occurred? No. Because I was inexperienced, ignorant, and young.”

Gena Tew

The influencer also revealed in her health updates that she was ignorant of the diagnosis since she had not been examined in the previous 10 years. According to her videos, the influencer had the virus while she was between the ages of 17 and 19.

How old Is Gena Tew? Everything there is to know about the model

Gena Tew, is a 27-year-old influencer, with over 401k TikTok followers and approximately 20k Instagram followers. The social media star is well recognized for her social media posts on fashion and modeling. She has also posted a few songs covers online, including her version of Alina Baraz’s Electric and a few other Adele tunes. In addition, the influencer posed for The Cover Magazine in 2015. The influencer updates her social media sites on a regular basis. Her most recent post, at the time of writing, featured her with pink hair. The influencer has also started sharing videos with her fans regarding her AIDS diagnosis.

Gena Tew

Tew recently stated that she has lost her ability to walk and is now confined to a wheelchair. She reportedly lost a significant amount of weight once the virus invaded her body, recalling being barely 65 pounds at one point. Tew also revealed that her condition has rendered her blind in one eye. She informed her fans in one of her health updates:

“I was so weak in the first few days after discovering I had AIDS… I couldn’t concentrate and had to struggle to speak.”

As the influencer continues to share her experience online, fans have filled her comment area with messages of encouragement.

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