Gal Costa An Iconic Brazilian Singer Passed Away At The Age Of 77

Gal Costa, a well-known Brazilian singer, died on November 9 at the age of 77. Her most recent album, Tropicália or Panis et Circencis, was published in 2021, and she participated in the famous collection. Gilberto Gil, a singer-songwriter and former cultural minister, paid homage to her on Twitter, writing:

“I am very saddened and frightened by the passing of my sister,’ @GalCosta.”

Brazil’s President-elect, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, also paid homage to her on Instagram, uploading a photo of her and commenting that she was one of the finest singers in the world and one of the musicians that introduced the name and sound of Brazil to the rest of the globe.

Gal Costa’s cause of death

The cause of death for Gal Costa has not yet been disclosed. But we do know that she just canceled her appearance at the Primavera Sound event in Sao Paulo due to medical advice. In September of this year, she underwent surgery to remove a nodule from her right nasal cavity. Gosta was scheduled to perform again in Sao Paulo in December. For the time being, it is unclear if she had any problems after the surgery, and there is no information available on whether she had any other health conditions that may have contributed to her death.

Gal Costa

A summary of her professional background

Gal Costa, who was born on September 26, 1945, made her debut in August 1964 in a show called Nos. She then played at Nova Bossa Velha and Velha Bossa Nova before relocating to Rio de Janeiro to live with her cousin Nivea. Bethania’s debut album, published in 1965, was her first professional recording. Costa went on to record songs such as Eu vim da Bahia, Sim, for voce, and others. Domingo, her first album, was published in 1967. Coracao Vagabundo, one of the album’s tracks, garnered excellent feedback.

Gal then joined the tropicalia movement in 1968, releasing four songs on a collaborative album called Tropicalia: ou Panis et Circenses. She also performed at the third and fourth International Music Festivals. Costa released her first solo album, Gal, in 1969, followed by another in 1970.

Gal Costa

Costa’s next album, Legal, was released in 1970, followed by a live record the following year. Her songs were written by some of Brazil’s most prominent songwriters. Her tune, Festa Do Interior, was one of her best hits during her career. In the 1995 film The Mandarin, she played singer Carmen Miranda and recorded songs in Portuguese, Spanish, and English.

Twitter users pay homage to her.

Gal Costa rose to prominence in the music business in recent years as a result of her blockbuster albums and songs. When her death was announced, her followers expressed their sorrow on Twitter:

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