“Falling For Christmas” Is Set To Be Released On Netflix Soon

With the holiday season approaching, a slew of new films and series are hitting streaming services, including Falling For Christmas, a romantic comedy starring Mean Girls’ Lindsay Lohan. The film, produced by Netflix, stars Lohan against Chord Overstreet, well-known for his role in Glee. It is set to debut on November 10, 2022. Although no official release date has been given, it should air at 3:00 a.m. EST according to Netflix policy.

The film is anticipated to be a cracker rom-com directed by Janeen Damian and produced by Michael Damian, Brad Krevoy, Amanda Phillips, and Eric Jarboe. It follows the lives of an affluent heiress who loses her memory due to a skiing accident, leading to unexpected issues amid a blooming relationship. Jack Wagner, George Young, Blythe Howard, and Chase Ramsey also appear in Falling For Christmas. Continue reading for more information about Netflix’s forthcoming Christmas film, Falling For Christmas.

Trailer for Falling For Christmas: Sometimes losing means finding

The masterfully crafted teaser teases the idea of Falling For Christmas. Viewers will appreciate how smart the title is after seeing the teaser. The whole notion revolves upon “falling,” both literally and metaphorically. In fact, the theme of falling is central to the plot. Lindsay Lohan introduces the film in the trailer. She was a notable actress of her generation, appearing in a number of romantic comedies. While coping with personal concerns, Lohan stayed beneath the spotlight for quite some time. She has just returned to the public spotlight, though.

Falling For Christmas

The teaser continues to tell the narrative of Sierra Belmont (Lohan), who gets an unexpected proposal while skiing with her boyfriend. It also takes time to show Sierra’s wealthy and spoiled childhood. However, she falls down the cliff when she reacts to the proposal. She is later discovered by several villagers and taken to the hospital.

The next scene in the teaser depicts how a gorgeous hotel owner looks for her while she recovers from memory loss. She also learns to be self-sufficient and to find satisfaction in the everyday things of life throughout this process. It is evident that Falling For Christmas will dig into complications, with Sierra forced to make a decision. The official summary of the film is as follows:

“A young, recently engaged heiress is involved in a skiing accident just before Christmas, and after being diagnosed with amnesia, she is placed in the care of the attractive cabin owner and his daughter.”

Falling For Christmas

Lindsay Lohan has also just recorded a rendition of Jingle Bell Rock, which brings back memories of her iconic Mean Girls character, Regina George (Rachel McAdams), Karen Smith (Amanda Seyfried), and Gretchen Wieners dancing to the song (Lacey Chabert). The film was a cultural sensation at the time, catapulting Lohan to international celebrity. Her new music video arrives just in time for the upcoming Christmas season.

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