Eric Fleishman Passed Away At The Age Of 53

The fitness world just suffered a tragedy when the trainer and instructor Eric Fleishman died on Thursday. His wife, Alysia Kanemoto, showed her sadness on social media by uploading a photo of him with the caption:

“We are really saddened to inform you that Eric Phillip Fleishman died suddenly on November 24, 2022.” This tragedy has profoundly affected his wife Alysia, children, parents, and close friends/family. Eric had a positive impact on many people’s lives. He was a ray of hope, love, and brightness.”

Everyone who knew Fleishman is urged to email their recollections and tributes to [email protected] The recollections and tributes will be incorporated into a ceremony honoring Fleishman’s contribution to the fitness industry. Fleishman’s cause of death has yet to be established, and further information is expected soon.

On Twitter, people paid respect to him.

Eric Fleishman has become a household name in the fitness business in recent years as his tactics have been adopted by athletes and celebrities. When word of his death spread, Twitter was inundated with tributes:

Many celebrities, including Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son, Patrick, Jaime Camil, Brock O’Hurn, and others, adopted Eric Fleishman’s tactics to keep healthy.

Eric Fleishman presented a number of fitness-related programs.

Eric Fleishman was born on an unknown date, however, he spent his youth on a farm in Maine. He quickly became interested in martial arts and aspired to be successful in the fitness industry. He finished his education and worked briefly as a personal trainer. When he went to Los Angeles in 1996, he met Don Howorth, an ex-Mr. America. Fleishman worked as a trainer at the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Academy and was well-known for working with the LAPD, CHP, and SWAT.

His tactics acquired popularity among sporting figures. In addition to being a frequent writer of the journal Muscle and Fitness, he progressively started to feature in numerous publications and TV programs. Eric Fleishman was also recognized for his work with celebrities such as Kirstie Alley, Big John McCarthy, Rachel Crow, Big Time Rush, and others. He even served on the Muscle Beach Hall of Fame’s nominating committee. Fleishman presented multiple fitness programs and identified Jack LaLanne as a big influence in an interview with Generation Iron before his death. He also cited a challenge that required him to perform 40,000 pushups, as well as the value of exercise in mental wellness.

Eric Fleishman

Eric had about 131,000 followers on social media, and his postings highlighted him alongside celebrities as well as engaging in numerous athletic sports. He prided himself on being a Hollywood physique specialist. Fleishman, despite his prominence, did not have a Wikipedia page, therefore information on his parents and schooling is missing. The only information about his personal life that is accessible is that he was married to Alysia Kanemoto.

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