Emeli Sande Got Engaged To Her Girlfriend Yoana Karemova

Emeli Sande is officially engaged to Yoana Karemova, her girlfriend. Sande confirmed her engagement with an Instagram photo of her ring, which she captioned:

“I answered Yes!”

Emile shared two additional photos on her Instagram Story, one of which included Yoana. Sande formerly married marine scientist Adam Gouraguine, with whom she divorced in 2014.

Yoana Karemova, Emeli Sande’s fiancée, is a pianist who often performs on Bulgarian national television and radio.

Yoana Karemova is a well-known pianist who has recently played solo at various performances in Europe. The Bulgarian native began playing the piano at the age of five and did her first solo concert at the age of eleven. She studied under Anton Dikov at the Sofia State Academy of Music and Penelope Roskell at Trinity College of Music in London. Yoana has also collaborated with well-known pianists such as Idil Biret, Vera Gornostaeva, Peter Katin, Boris Bloch, Vladimir Kainev, and others.

Emeli Sande

In 1995, she earned first place in the Virtuosi of the Piano International Competition in the Czech Republic, and in 1998, she received first place in the Carlo Soliva International Competition in Italy. Karemova went on to win first and third place in a number of international contests over the course of the following several years.

The pianist is a frequent performer on Bulgarian national television and radio. She received a diploma from the Mayor of Sofia for Outstanding Achievement outside Bulgaria and has been a London-based artist since 2004. She has given many solo recitals as well as chamber performances, and she will soon compete in European and international contests. Yoana is presently working on a new album, which will be published before the end of 2022. She has previously recorded compositions by Chopin, Liszt, Scriabin, and Beethoven. Despite her celebrity, she does not have a Wikipedia page, therefore specific information on her upbringing, family, and schooling is unknown.

Emeli Sande and Yoana Karemova’s relationship

Although it is uncertain how they met, Emeli Sande confirmed her relationship with Yoana Karemova in March 2022 when speaking to Metro. Sande continued:

“We met because of music.” And I’m happy than I’ve ever been. It feels fantastic. True love and having love in your life, for me, help everything fall into place.”

Emeli Sande

In July, Emeli Sande shared a photo of herself with Yoana and spoke about their friendship in the comments. The couple also celebrated the creation of their first piece of music together, and Sande described working with Karemova as a lovely experience and a privilege. Emeli Sande came out in March 2022 and released a music video for her song There Isn’t Much, which included female LGBTQ+ dancers. She explained what the song was about.

“Everything I thought I desired was meaningless unless I had the proper person to share it with.”

The 35-year-old rose to prominence after appearing in Chipmunk’s song Diamond Rings. Her first song, Heave, was released in August 2011, followed by her first album, Our Version of Events, the following year.

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