‘Dual Survival’: How Real Is It? Alumnae Reveal All

When a reality television featuring a couple of seasoned survival veterans battling off the beaten route broke continuity, observant viewers were sure to accuse the show of being a hoax.

The Discovery Channel’s Dual Survival is, of course, the subject of this conversation. Two nature enthusiasts trek into the bush to do what they do best: survive. The show has been called out by alums for using post-production footage to generate drama and for being phony.

Dual Survival
Dual Survival

‘Dual Survival’ Ruined Continuity on Several Levels

The matchsticks changing color must be one of the most well-known gaffes caught by the show’s audience. As a Reddit user duly remarked, there was a box of matches that the survival experts allegedly discovered on an episode of Dual Survival starring Matt Graham and Joe Teti.

“Matt showed them up close and they were red-tipped matches,” said the user. “A few minutes later, while Joe was lighting the fire, they were clearly green-tipped matches.”

That isn’t everything. When Teti couldn’t start the fire with the first three green match sticks, the camera panned out, and the survivor was holding red matches again. The fourth match worked as if the scenario was staged.

However, that was not the only break in continuity detected by the user. The fire they had ignited died out around 20 minutes later (one day later in onscreen time) in the same episode. But when Teti went back to start the fire, stating he only had one match left, it worked on the first try.

“I wasn’t even looking for irregularities when I noticed the matches changing color; it was just that evident,” the user explained.

Later in their forum post, the user accused the show of being a hoax because it set up the survivors’ hunts. Graham allegedly hand-fished and caught a few trout fish a few months before the show mentioned above before instructing. His co-star how to do the same.

“The fish were plainly near-death while in the water,” the user observed.

The cast of the show had forged credentials.

But hold on! It turns out that several of the show’s cast members may have obtained their roles through the use of forged resumes. There’s more to it.

According to a Screenrant article, one of the show’s senior cast members. Dave Canterbury faked being on the show.

He had earlier stated that he had received considerable military training. As a sniper, but this turned out to be incorrect. On a later date, he even acknowledged lying about a YouTube video.

Unfortunately for the show’s casting directors, Canterbury was sacked to hire Teti, who also lied on his resume.

Several veterans exposed Teti, who claimed to have undergone. Special Forces Combat and Special Forces Sniper courses, as a liar and a forger.

When former Army Sergeant Major George Davenport investigated Teti’s background, he discovered no records to back up Teti’s claims.

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