Dorita Olmo- All About The Mother Of Dani Olmo

Dorita Olmo is best known as the mother of Spanish footballer Dani Olmo, who plays for Bundesliga club RB Leipzig as well as the Spain national team. Dani can play offensive midfielder as well as winger. Olmo is a Croatian native.

Quick Facts

Full Name Dorita Olmo
First Name Dorita
Last Name Olmo
Profession Celebrity Mother
Nationality Croation, Spanish
Birth Country Croatia
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married
Spouse Miquel Olmo
No Of Children 2

Her spouse is a former player who is now a manager.

Olmo is married to her retired footballer spouse, Miquel Olmo. He was a forward for lower league clubs, usually representing his local area, until retiring in 1998. In 2001, he began his managing career with the lowly CD Can Peralada. In an interview, Dani said that his father also had a cosmetics store, but his true love was becoming a football manager.

Footballer’s family

Not just her husband, but also her two kids, Carlos and Dani, inherited their father’s football DNA. Carlos, her oldest son, was a forward in Croatia’s lower levels.  Dani began playing football as a youngster with his older brother, playing on his own team and has always looked up to his elder brother as a role model, according to her spouse, Miquel. He also said that they are a sporting family. Not only does he have professional experience, but his brother is also a coach.

Dorita Olmo

In addition, Dani’s Godfather is an athletic trainer. When Dani was younger, his parents encouraged him to participate in sports other than football, such as tennis, swimming, and basketball, believing that he should know more than only football.

Olmo and her boys have identical tattoos.

Olmo’s tattoos mirror those of her sons Carlos and Dani. They signed in Spain a few years ago. The tattoo they have on their hands represents unconditional love and depicts their strong and pure relationship. Olmo has always been there for her boys and has never abandoned them. When Carlos traveled to Croatia at the age of 16 to join Dinamo Zagreb, Olmo accompanied him and spent several years with him.

Dani was so obsessed with football that not even a football superstar could divert his attention away from it. He even slept with the ball. His first recollection of football is playing with his elder brother Carlos in the little goals his parents had built up on the patio. He was just two years old at the time. Nothing was more important to him than playing. He was so obsessed with football that he refused to pose for a photo with Messi.

According to Dani, he was eight years old when he accompanied his father to a game at Castelldefels, where Messi had come to watch a buddy who was playing. Dani was playing with the ball at the time when one of his father’s friends approached him and claimed he was going to have his photo made with Lionel Messi, but Dani declined, saying, “No thanks.” He was eager to continue playing! Isn’t it simply a picture? He stated that because he was concerned that his important time would be disrupted. He said that he was forced to take photographs against his will, but that he is delighted that they compelled him. He has the photograph framed in his home.

Dorita Olmo

Net Worth

Her net is presently being examined. We now know her son Dani’s net worth, which is astonishing given his great football career. His net worth is estimated to be approximately $3 million.

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