Denise Richards Said That She Will Return To RHOBH Despite Her Feud With Lisa Rinna

Denise Richards, a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (RHOBH) veteran, recently responded to the much-anticipated topic of whether she will return to Bravo’s reality drama. Despite her fractured relationship with Lisa Rinna, the actress said that she would want to return to the reality program. On Jeff Lewis’ SiriusXM radio program, Denise spoke about working with the brand again. Despite the reports, she said that she would never say no to rejoining. On September 1, Denise stated:

“I’d be happy to collaborate with Lisa and film with her. I never said that I wouldn’t return because of her.”

She even said that she is still acquainted with “several” of the show’s housewives and has “certainly discussed” returning with pal Garcelle Beauvais. Denise was a full-time cast member on RHOBH for seasons 9 and 10, however she departed the program after a conflict with her long-time friend Lisa.

The friendship of Lisa Rinna and Denise Richards had an influence on RHOBH.

Lisa and Denise’s quarrel began after the latter lied about her daughter, Lola, being taken aback after hearing the threesome’s chat at her party. Lisa was perplexed by this since Denise had been honest about her s*xual behavior on video. Denise, on the other hand, departed the program after being inundated with allegations about her alleged romance with RHOBH alum Brandi Glanville on their trip to Rome. Although the Wild Things star disputed the allegations, the majority of the women, including Lisa, felt she had a sexual connection with Brandi. Lisa confronted Denise for gaslighting her and the other RHOBH cast members about Lola and her friendship with Brandi during the season 10 reunion. Denise, on the other hand, thought that Lisa had ruined their two-decade relationship because of the program.

She told Caroline Stanbury on the Divorced Not Dead podcast about her experience on the program.

“I had a fantastic first season.” My second season was really difficult, and I wondered, “What would they do to me in the third [season] if I stay?”

Denise Richards

Denise was “devastated” to “lose” her after the turmoil. She said,

“That is correct. That’s why I was so angry. “I was astonished and taken aback during my second season.”

However, Lisa eventually apologized to Denise for her actions on the program, but the latter said that she did not accept her apology “I could never be close to her again after what happened.” Denise told Jeff:

“She contacted me and apologized through text message. There was a notion that I never reacted, but I did — and I responded immediately.”

Adding to that:

“I’ll say this: Lisa Rinna plays dirty, she can be really nasty, and I think that’s just something to be aware of because she’s on the show.”

Denise Richards

Her resolve to never be friends with Lisa again became even more solid. She stated:

“I watched a couple of the most recent episodes, and seeing how she’s been, how she’s been on social media, I simply don’t agree.” It’s difficult to befriend someone like that.”

Despite their rocky relationship, Denise is willing to return to RHOBH if contacted.

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