Davi Lucca- All About Neymar Child

Davi Lucca, real name David Lucca da Silva Santos, is a celebrity child. He is the only kid of Neymar, the Brazilian football sensation. His father is a winger for Paris Saint-Germain and the Brazilian national team. Lucca weighed 2.81 kg when he was delivered to a hospital in Sao Paulo. Lucca has an Instagram account with 1.3 million followers called @Daviluca, which is managed by his parents.

Quick Facts

Full Name Davi Lucca
First Name Davi
Last Name Lucca
Birth Name David Luca da Silva Santos
Profession Celebrity Child
Nationality Brazilian
Birth City Sao Paulo
Birth Country Brazil
Father Name Neymar
Father Profession Soccer Player
Mother Name Carolina Dantas
Gender Identity Male
Horoscope Leo
Siblings Valentin
Date of Birth August 13, 2011
Age 10 years

How did his parents meet?

His parents met via a mutual acquaintance when his mother Carolina Dantas was 16 years old. According to his mother, he and Neymar would spend a lot of time together. Still, she did not want to share with her family members since they were opposed to her being associated with players because of their celebrity. Carolina found she was pregnant with the footballer’s kid when she was 17 years old. She was studying at the time, and she continued to study at home after Lucca was born.

His parents, however, are no longer married. They never got married. They split up immediately after his birth, yet their friendship is still pure and full of love. Carolina has never attempted to keep Davi away from his father and has always admired Neymar for being a present parent.

His father wants to do everything twice for him.

His father’s bond with his grandpa, Neymar Santos Sr., is considerably more than a father-son relationship. They are a lot nicer, and they have instilled that ease in them from the start. For Neymar, his father continues to play a significant role in his life and is the person he seeks guidance from since he loves him unconditionally. Being a son, according to the footballer, is easy, but being a parent entails providing love, educating, and protecting your kid in whatever way possible.

Davi Lucca

Since becoming a parent, he has tried to do everything for his son Lucca that his father did for him, and he is really thankful for everything his father has done for him. Speaking about his son Lucca, he said that he is the best gift God could ever offer him and that Lucca, as his only son, has taught him all he knows about being a parent.

Lucca is a great Kylian Mbappe admirer.

Lucca, then seven, became a tremendous admirer of Paris Saint-Germain player Kylian Mbappe when his father brought him to training with him. In an interview, Neymar said that his kid adores Mbappe and is always talking about him. He further said that Lucca wanted to snap photographs to show his peers at school and was overjoyed when he did. According to Neymar, in order to reach success, one must go through tough circumstances. Neymar is the world’s best soccer player right now, but he didn’t get there overnight. It is the product of perseverance, sacrifice, family support, and overcoming obstacles. He claims that individuals who wish to be successful must go through terrible circumstances.

Though he was never hungry, they had little money and had a little items that he desired. He resided at his grandmother’s home with her. His father was a professional player who regrettably only played for a few teams. He subsequently began working in Santos as a mechanic, maintaining motorbikes and corporate automobiles. He missed much of his youth because when a youngster of 12 or 13 wanted to do things like go to the park, hang out with friends, go on a school trip, etc., he was out for training or had the game the following day.

Davi Lucca

When he was abroad for weeks to play, he missed spending time with family members. The player had one of the most difficult years of his life in 2014. He fractured his back at the 2014 World Cup. It was so bad that if it had been two inches to the side, he wouldn’t have been able to walk, perhaps ending his life, ambition, and passion. Though he was ruled out of the World Cup at the time, there was a comfort that he would be able to play again by the grace of God, and the rest is history.

Net Worth

Lucca is presently living the high life thanks to his father, who is not only the finest player but also the highest-paid athlete in the world, earning $78 million from Paris Saint-Germain. Bonuses and endorsements supplement his income. His current net worth is $200 million as of October 2022.

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