“Darby and the Dead” Is Set To Be Released On Hulu

Darby and the Dead, Hulu’s fresh new supernatural comedy film, will be available for streaming on Friday, December 2, 2022, at 3 a.m. ET/midnight PT. Silas Howard, who directed the TV version of A League of Their Own, directed the picture. Darby and the Deceased is a film starring Riele Downs (Henry Danger) and Aulii Caravalho (Moana) about a high school student who starts to see and converse with dead people after surviving a near-death experience.

Soon later, a deceased schoolmate contacts her and asks for something from her. The film’s central conflict is how she does it and the events that transpire in the process. Darby and the Dead are produced by Adam Saunders and Eddie Rubin, with Michele Weisler and Mac Hendrickson serving as executive producers. It is based on a narrative by Wenonah Wilms.

Riele Downs and Aulii Caravalho will join together to host a party in Hulu’s Darby and the Dead.

Darby and the Dead, co-starring Chosen Jacobs, Asher Angel, Wayne Knight, Derek Luke, and Tony Danza, has the following official logline, according to Hulu Press:

“Darby Harper develops the power to see dead people after having a near-death experience as a young child.” As a consequence, she becomes shy and isolated from her friends in high school, preferring to spend her time counseling lonely souls with unfinished business on Earth. But everything changes when Capri, the Queen Bee of the school’s most elite clique, dies abruptly in a strange hair-straightening accident, thereby canceling her forthcoming “Sweet 17.” “

Darby and the Dead

It goes on:

“Capri, on the other hand, begs Darby from the other side to intercede and persuade Capri’s pals to go on with the party as planned.” Darby must emerge from her self-imposed seclusion and recreate herself in order to assuage the undead diva’s fury, which enables her to rediscover fresh delight again in the realm of the living.”

In an interview with ComicBookMovie, Riele Downs discussed her character and the transformations she goes through in Darby and the Dead, saying:

“I think what was remarkable is that Darby, at first, really believes that’s who she is. In actuality, we’re all quite multifaceted, and despite her reservations, the adventure ended up benefiting her and Capri since they discovered so many various parts of themselves…”

Darby and the Dead

She continued, saying:

“It was simply incredibly amazing to see a character that is so introverted become a parallel once again.” She’s accustomed to having no eyes on her, so what does it do to a person [and] what impact does that have in this social media age? That was a lot of fun since there were so many options. Darby and the Dead, produced by Footprint Features and 20th Century Studios, premieres exclusively on Hulu on Friday, December 2, 2022.

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