Cremilda Prudencio- All About The Mother Of Antony Matheus dos Santos

Antony’s mother is Cremilda Prudencio. He is Cremilda’s third and last child. His full name is Antony Matheus dos Santos, but he goes by Tony. Her eldest son’s name is Emerson Santos, while the middle child’s name is unknown.

Quick Facts

Full Name Cremilda Prudencio
First Name Cremilda
Last Name Prudencio
Profession Celebrity Mother
Nationality Brazilian
Birth Country Brazil
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married
Spouse Dos Santos
No Of Children 3

Cremilda and her husband realized their son’s ambition of becoming a footballer

As previously stated, he is the youngest of his siblings. He was often babied, but not pampered. Young Antony is reported to be more daring and active in trying out new experiences than others. Seeing this, both of his parents decided to let him pursue his love, football. So Cremilda and her spouse found Antony a school that matched his footballing philosophy as well.

While in school, he acquired a football IQ. He was named the greatest soccer youngster in Sao Paulo city when he was five to nine years old. He visited the school where he had spent his whole youth after becoming a renowned player, and he stated it was an incredible experience.

Cremilda Prudencio


He congratulated everyone who had contributed to his achievement, including his employees and friends. He entered Sao Paulo’s academy at the age of ten. After a few years, he left a lasting impact on his performance. He also played a key part in his squad in Sao Paulo winning the J League World Challenge. His success prompted him to sign a professional contract, which delighted his parents and the whole family.

His Transatlantic Journey from Brazil to Manchester United

The athlete spoke about his journey from a Brazilian slum to Manchester United. He joined Manchester United from Ajax and set an Eredivisie transfer price record of 100 million euros package and 95 million euros. This became the most expensive player to emerge from the Dutch league to date. Antony is also known as Manchester United’s second-most-expensive player. On the list, he is barely behind Paul Pogba. He has the titles of Olympic medalist, Dutch Cup Winner, Dutch Champion, and Dutch Cup Runner-Up.

The Love Story of her son

Antony and his girlfriend, Rosilene Silva, met while they were both adolescents. Their childhood relationship has blossomed across the Atlantic, and his lady has always remained by his side, no matter what. According to reports, the two met at school in Sao Paulo. They are the parents of a child.

Cremilda Prudencio

Rosilene gave birth to their son Lorenzo in November 2019. Rosilene is said to be very family-oriented. She also accumulated 80,000 Instagram followers before deleting the account for unclear reasons. Having said that, she is still active enough to demonstrate the life of a WAG. She utilized Snapchat and also uploaded photos of famous Amsterdam places. The photos feature upscale cocktail bars, steakhouses, and the Johan Cruyff Arena.

Net Worth

Because Cremilda’s financial situation is unknown, we must depend on her son, who has a total estimated net worth of £2,484,560 as of November 2022.

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