Carmine Insigne- All About The Son Of Lorenzo Insigne

Carmine Insigne is the son of Lorenzo Insigne, an Italian professional footballer who plays as a striker and captain for Serie A side Napoli and the Italian national team. Carmine Darone was born on April 4, 2013, to Lorenzo and Genoveffa Darone. He was born in Italy.

Quick Facts

Full Name Carmine Insigne
First Name Carmine
Last Name Insigne
Profession Celebrity Child
Nationality Italian
Birth Country Italy
Father Name Lorenzo Insigne
Father Profession Footballer
Mother Name Genoveffa Darone
Gender Identity Male
Horoscope Aries
Sibilings Christian Insigne
Date of Birth April 4, 2013
Age 9 years

Relationship situation

Lorenzo Insigne was formerly married to his lover Genoveffa Darone, who is now his wife. They’ve been together for quite some time. Most people believe that without her guidance, he would not have become a football star. They are really content with their partnership. On December 31, 2012, they married. They are the proud parents of two kids, Carmine Insigne (born in 2013) and Christian Insigne (born in 2015).

How did Lorenzo meet Genoveffa Darone?

Lorenzo and his wife Genoveffa Darone originally met in Naples, while Lorenzo was playing football for Pescara. He said that he knew he wanted to be with her the instant he saw her. He was playing for Pescara at the time, and he resided 250 kilometers distant from Naples. Genoveffa spent his time in Naples. Lorenzo gave it his all for Pescara, scoring 19 goals to guarantee that Napoli would invite him back so that he could live near to Genoveffa.

Carmine Insigne

Lorenzo and his wife Genoveffa were robbed at gunpoint:

Lorenzo and his wife Genoveffa were traveling in Naples when their automobile was stopped by two thieves on motorcycles. And they were stuck in traffic at the time. The criminals pulled out a weapon and aimed it at Lorenzo and his wife before stealing their Rolex watch, diamond bracelet, and 800 euros cash. The thieves had a well-planned operation, and their objective was Lorenzo for the first time. They also said that they wanted to score a goal for Napoli against Fiorentina in the following match.

Ronaldo is Lorenzo’s football idol

Ronaldo, a great Brazilian football player, is Lorenzo’s hero. He is such a fan of Ronaldo that he purchases football gear such as R9s boots in blue, silver, and yellow. He claimed that his father was a passionate Maradona admirer and a Napoli supporter. Ronaldo used to play for Inter at the time, and his gameplay was so fantastic that he used to make Napoli weep. He was infatuated with the R9s footwear at the time, believing that wearing it would make him play like Ronaldo.

Carmine Insigne

Lorenzo Insigne Bio

Lorenzo is an Italian professional footballer who plays forward for the Serie A club Napoli and the Italy national team. He was born on June 4, 1991, in Frattamaggiore, Italy. Lorenzo was the second child of his father, Carmine Insigne, and mother, Patrizia. In his childhood, life was not simple for him. He grew up with his brothers Roberto, Marco, and Antonio Insigne.

Net Worth

Lorenzo Insigne’s net worth is predicted to be approximately 35 million Euros as of October 2022, and his principal source of income is as a professional football player.

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