Camila Galante- All About The Wife Of Famous Football Player Leandro Paredes

Camila Galante is the gorgeous wife of Argentine professional footballer Leandro Paredes, who plays midfield for Argentina and Ligue 1 club Paris Saint-Germain. Paredes is presently on loan from PSG to Serie A team Juventus. Galante is a successful entrepreneur.

Quick Facts

Full Name Camila Galante
First Name Camila
Last Name Galante
Profession Celebrity Wife
Nationality Argentine
Birth City San Justo
Birth Country Argentina
Father Name Miguel Galante
Mother Name Cintia Susana Gracia
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Horoscope Gemini
Marital Status Married
Spouse Leandro Paredes
No Of Children 2
Sibilings Ramiro Galante, Santiago Galante
Date of Birth June 19, 1992
Age 30 years
Married Date December 29, 2017

Before he became her boyfriend, her lover had her name tattooed.

Galante and Paredes have known one other for quite some time. Paredes was her brother’s teammate when they were playing in Boca’s lowest tier. During an interview with the PSG press, Paredes remembered his love tale. He said he fell in love with Galante the moment he saw her. It was love at first sight for him, and he even told his mother that Galante was his girlfriend despite the fact that she wasn’t at the moment.

But he said that Galante was the one he planned to marry. He went on to say that he was over heals in love with her and had her name tattooed before meeting her partner. He claimed to have gotten a tattoo of his wife’s name, then become a boyfriend, and then married.

A grand wedding ceremony

After dating for many years, Galante and Paredes exchanged vows in a magnificent wedding ceremony on December 29, 2017. They’ve been dating since March 2010. Galante is the driving force behind Paredes’ success.

Mother of two lovely children

Galante is the mother of two lovely children, Victoria and Giovanni, whom she shares with her husband, Paredes. Both of their children were born before their marriage. Paredes considers his children to be the finest thing in his life. They make him joyful every second and brighten his day when he is down. He also claims that as a parent, he strives to instill in his children courtesy and respect.

His childhood hero

His father, Victor Daniel, was his childhood hero since he instilled in him a love of football. According to Paredes, his father was a professional footballer for a Racing team until the age of 17. His father retired from football once his mother became pregnant. In football, he looked up to and admired Juan Roman Riquelme, from whom he learned a lot even though he was a teammate.

He did not participate in any other sports than football.

Football was the only option available. He claims to have only played football. It was the nicest thing that could have happened to him when he made his football debut at the age of 16. Playing in Argentina’s premier football division was a dream come true for him, even if he only played for six minutes, replacing Lucas Viatri.

Kylian Mbappe has a chilly connection. Despite the fact that Paredes and Mbappe have been colleagues since 2019, the two have yet to form a close connection. He was questioned about his friendship with Mbappe during an interview with ESPN Argentina. In his response, he said that he was not the one to speak about himself, that he had a relationship with people with whom he had a connection, and that he couldn’t talk about others with whom he did not have a relationship.

Camila Galante

He aspires to play for Real Madrid.

Paredes, who has been at PSG since January 2019, said that he aspires to play for Real Madrid. When asked about a team he would want to play for during an interview with @TYC sports, he mentioned Real Madrid. He said that although every player wishes to wear the Real Madrid jersey, he has great respect for PSG and is content with his current situation.

Net Worth

Her net worth is still being calculated. Her husband’s net worth is still unknown. Her husband’s net worth is believed to be over $47 million as of November 2022, according to the sports brief.

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