Billy Ray Cyrus Got Engaged To His Long-Time Girlfriend Firerose

Billy Ray Cyrus and Firerose, who is in their twenties, are supposedly engaged. Following their Instagram postings, which showed a diamond ring on Firerose’s finger, the news began to circulate on the internet. The caption is as follows:

“Autumn greetings.”

In the comments area, the duo’s fans sent their best wishes. Firerose’s ring was seen again in an Instagram image last month, this time in front of Music Row in Nashville. Meanwhile, neither party’s spokesmen have reacted.

Billy Ray Cyrus’ fiancée has a musical background.

Firerose is a well-known singer and composer who is in her mid-20s. According to her website, she was born and reared in Sydney, and her family includes symphonic musicians. She graduated from Sydney’s Newtown School of Performing Arts and relocated to Los Angeles to pursue a career in music. According to her website, Sia, Alanis Morissette, and Australian bands Powderginher, INXS, and Silverchair have all influenced her.

Billy Ray Cyrus

According to her website, she has always thought that music fulfills her role on Earth and that assisting others via her music means a lot to her. She went on,

“I write from an unfathomable place in my spirit, and I’m immensely thankful for this ability that enables me to touch others so deeply.”

Firerose is known for songs such as New Day, Way Out, Fragile Handling, No Holding Fire, and others. She has around 22,500 Instagram followers.

Billy Ray Cyrus and Firerose’s romance

Billy Ray Cyrus and Firerose began dating after the former’s divorce from Tish Cyrus. Firerose said on Live with Kelly and Ryan last year that she met Billy Ray Cyrus on the set of Hannah Montana 10 years ago. Fans first heard about the couple’s engagement last month when they saw a diamond ring on Firerose’s Instagram. A few days later, they were seen on a video driving in a remote area while listening to loud music in their automobile.

Billy Ray Cyrus

Their shared passion for music binds the pair together. They even collaborated on a song called New Day in 2021, which they played on Live with Kelly and Ryan. They later played live in July 2022, with Firerose documenting the occasion on Instagram. Since 1992, Billy Ray Cyrus has published about 16 albums and 53 songs, and is best known for his hit Achy Breaky Heart.

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