Ashley Tropez’s Body Was Found In A Deserted Mansion 

Ashley Tropez, the star of Beyond Scared Straight, was discovered dead in an abandoned house in Victorville, California. She was 24 years old. Meanwhile, a lady called Alexis Call has been detained in connection with Tropez’s death. According to the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, the Victorville Police Department got a complaint on August 26 concerning a dead person at a residence in the 16600 block of Victor Street. When the officers came, they discovered Tropez with horrific injuries.

On Saturday, the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department released a new statement on the incident.

“When deputies arrived, they discovered Ashley Tropez inside the home, suffering from horrific injuries.”

Further study revealed a connection between Tropez and Call.

“Investigators discovered Ashley Tropez and Alexis Call were acquainted and may have been squatting at the property.”

Ashley Tropez

Alexis, 24, is being imprisoned at the High Desert Detention Center on a murder accusation under PC 187(A). Ashley appeared in court on August 30. She had already been charged with stealing a car and will appear in court on September 5. Tropez’s specific cause of death has not been released, and further information on the event is still pending.

All About Ashley Tropez

Ashley Tropez sprang to prominence after appearing in the A&E reality program Beyond Scared Straight, which was targeted at young people facing incarceration. The main cast was primarily made up of convicts telling about what a real jail looks like in order to frighten young people away from committing a crime. It should be mentioned that Ashley never discussed her personal and private life on the program. Following her death, a still from the concert in which Tropez was seen smiling went viral.

Ashley Tropez

Ashley revealed on the program that she was on the show for allegedly fighting, causing difficulties, and selling marijuana. She was 17 when she joined the program, and a year later, she admitted that going to jail had made no significant difference in her life. She continued,

“I remain the same person. I’m simply everywhere, from friends’ places to family’s. “I’m just relaxing.”

Beyond Scared Straight is a reality television series that aired from January 2011 to September 2015. Despite its popularity, the program was condemned for being ineffectual and destructive. The Emmy-nominated series ran for nine seasons. According to A&E’s description, the program focuses on kids who have been engaged in actions relating to larceny and drug-related offenses. The adolescents are transported to jail for a day and chat with other convicts about prison life, which makes the teens understand that the route they have chosen will lead to their demise. Ashley Tropez’s work, educational background, parents, and personal life are all undisclosed details.

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