All About Tom Sturridge And Alexa Chung Relationship

Tom Sturridge is a master of personal management. The Sandman actor, who is well-known for being amicable with his ex-girlfriend and child’s mother, Sienna Miller, is now seeing a new female. Sturridge is now seeing Alexa Chung, a woman from the other side of the water. But theirs isn’t an official relationship just yet.

Tom Sturridge’s Romance with New Girlfriend Alexa Chung

Sturridge and Chung have been dating since at least June 2022, so their relationship isn’t that ancient. The pair were first seen together during the 2022 Glastonbury Festival, which took place from June 22 to June 26, 2022. They attended the event, but their appearance was mainly unnoticed – just a few fans were aware of their presence.

Tom Sturridge

This fueled dating rumors, which the pair (largely) confirmed a few days later. They confirmed their relationship in an increasingly common way: by attending Wimbledon together. Sturridge and Chung were in attendance on July 3, 2022, but it wasn’t the only thing that made headlines. They were there with his ex-girlfriend Miller and her current boyfriend, Oli Green. Chung and Sturridge sat behind Miller and Green and even had a kiss, which was recorded on video. Despite the PDA and evident evidence of a burgeoning affection, they have yet to publicly announce their connection.

Who Is Alexa Chung?

To say the least, Chung is a pioneer in the entertainment sector. She was born on November 5, 1993, in Winchester, Hampshire, England, to English-born mother Gillian and Chinese-born father Phillip Chung (mostly Chinese). She enjoyed dance, painting, and English as a child. Chung was admitted to two institutions to study art and English, but she did not attend any of them. Instead, after being recruited by an agency at the age of 16, she got into modeling.
Success came quite quickly, but so did many awakenings. She quit after five years of modeling for many companies, periodicals, and music videos, and experiencing body and self-esteem problems, to pursue an education in the arts or fashion journalism instead.

In 2006, she became a TV personality, although she continued to model on the side. She gained higher profile modeling and marketing employment as a result of her increasing visibility from her TV and radio hosting positions at Channel4, BBC, MTV, and various award events’ red carpet entrances. This also drew attention to her distinct and often inspired dress style. Many celebrities have adopted her as their inspiration over the years, and she has garnered many honors for her contributions to the fashion world, including a British Style Award in December 2010.

Tom Sturridge

And now we get to her literary achievements, which she has done for the longest time but is also the least discussed. She has always written on the side while working as a model and presenter. Her writing career started in 2007. She has written for The Independent and British Vogue throughout the years, and she is currently employed by the latter. Chung also published a book, It, on September 5, 2013. Chung ventured into business in 2017 when she started Alexachung, a clothing line. The firm will close in 2022. She is now a social media phenomenon, a YouTuber, and someone who many in the fashion business look up to.

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