A Peek Look Into Samantha Harris’s Relationship

Samantha Harris, an indigenous model, rose to prominence after winning Girlfriend magazine’s model hunt at the age of 13. Her modeling career has taken off since then. She was the second Australian aboriginal woman to grace the cover of Vogue at the age of 18. She has a sizable following base as one of the most down-to-earth and modest models. And these admirers are interested in her professional and personal life.

Is Samantha Harris Married?

For a long time, people questioned whether Harris was married since reports circulated that she had secretly married her beau, Luke Hunt. However, the supermodel eventually laid rumors to rest in October 2016, telling Marie Claire that the couple had been married for much longer. Harris stated in March 2014 that she secretly married her long-term lover, Luke Hunt, in an intimate ceremony.

Samantha Harris

She told the source that she and her husband kept their relationship hidden since they were engaged in a sad vehicle accident in 2012 that resulted in Kenneth Lay’s death. The sufferer was transported to the hospital, but he did not survive. Harris’s husband was sentenced to prison in May 2014, with a minimum of two years before release. The couple, who were planning their wedding, were abruptly left to decide how to continue. They married two months before Hunt’s sentence started since they were already engaged.

In addition, out of respect for the dead and his family, the couple kept the celebration low-key. “We had been engaged for a few years and planned to marry. Would our wedding have been larger under normal conditions? “I doubt it, but I would have put a picture or something on social media,” Harris added. Both of their families and close friends were there, according to the model, who characterized the celebration as “a family reunion or a Christmas meal, full of love and support.” Harris and her Hunt created their own wedding vows.

Samantha Harris

Samantha Harris and Her Husband on Surviving a Car Crash

Harris eventually came out about the terrifying vehicle crash after her husband was freed from prison in early 2016. She recalled the fatal day, saying she and her husband were driving to the gym on the weekend and, due to terrible traffic, chose a different route and were speeding.

Harris said:

“That day, everything that could go wrong did. I was texting and had my head down, so I don’t recall the accident — I assume my body went into shock and I collapsed,”


She regained consciousness a few minutes later, but she had no idea what was going on and panicked. She saw Hunt in anguish and assumed he was dying. The police told them of Lay’s death while Hunt was healing in the hospital. Hunt was devastated by the news and burst into tears. When the news of the horrific tragedy went public, Hunt was arrested and Harris was exposed to internet ridicule. However, the pair have gone on with their lives.

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