A Look At The Heated Twitch Stream Debate Between Andrew Tate And Hasan Piker

Recently, businessman Andrew Tate and Twitch streamer Félix “xQc” Lengyel joined a Discord conversation in which the former emphasized gender stereotypes. Tate’s “truths” compelled xQc to question his beliefs, resulting in a dispute. The two’s dispute became viral and made the rounds on the internet. It ultimately piqued the interest of another streamer Hasan Piker aka HasanAbi, who declared his willingness to discuss the contentious social media celebrity. HasanAbi, Twitch’s most popular political analyst, originally predicted that Tate would decline his offer.

But, only hours later, he was on a video conference with the four-time kickboxing world champion, along with Fortnite professionals Clix and Buck. On July 21, 2022, the argument was live-streamed on the streamer’s Twitch account. Instead of debating Tate’s divisive beliefs on women, the streamer began probing the former on his business methods. HasanAbi irritated the boxing champion and was thrown out of the ring.

Hasan Piker’s Dispute with Andrew Tate

The Twitch streamer’s live session lasted over seven hours, and he got on the phone with Tate and his buddies, Clix and Buck, in the midst of it. HasanAbi and Tate were on the phone for less than 20 minutes and argued over several things. Some of the subjects they addressed included: who had more repressive leaders among men and women, who had better driving abilities among men and women, and whether one should create their ideas based on factual evidence or personal experiences.

Hasan Piker


“Many of the things you’ve been called out on, particularly about women driving, are false.” “There is no actual proof to back up such comments, which is why you regularly resort to anecdotes,” HasanAbi replied, alluding to Tate’s remark about women being unable to drive. The Twitch celebrity went on to say that the kickboxing champion’s views were “not common sense,” but rather “personal thoughts.”

Tate agreed and said that although an online study may lead to the truth, the reality of life was the truth that one experienced as a person, and that was the only truth that everyone lived inside.

HasanAbi Inquiries Andrew Tate’s Business Methods

The debate then shifted to Tate’s business methods, and things became heated. HasanAbi called Tate’s Hustler’s University a “controversial pyramid scam,” accusing him of brainwashing young lads via deception. The streamer then requested the businessman to explain his business plan, but Tate’s buddies told him to exit the show instead of answering. Tate and his pals repeatedly branded the Livestream uninteresting and begged him to disconnect.

Andrew Tate

The streamer accused Tate of evading his inquiries, to which Tate responded that he owed him no answers since the streamer was not the police. After that, one of Tate’s buddies canceled the conversation, prompting HasanAbi to tweet that when challenged with Tate’s views and behaviors, his “frame cracked.”

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