6ix9ine’s 7 Weird Tattoos & Their Meanings

Tekashi69 is a rapper from the United States. He raps aggressively and has a highly controversial attitude since he is covered in tattoos and has rainbow-colored hair. He came to prominence in 2017 after releasing his debut song, “Gummo,” which reached number 12 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States. Tekashi’s body is covered with bizarre tattoos that depict his character. Let us examine them and the implications they carry.

1. Oscar and Character Tattoos

Oscar and Character Tattoos
6ix9ine Oscar and Character Tattoos (Source: google)

Tattoo: The word “OSCAR” is tattooed vertically along his hairline on the right side of his face. There’s also a tattoo of the character from the Saw movies’ visage. Even the character has the number 69 in red tattooed on his forehead.

Meaning: Oscar is the name of his older brother. He got this tattoo to express his feelings for his older brother, who raised him when his father died when he was 13 years old. Billy the Puppet is the character’s name, and Tekashi had it tattooed on his face because he loves him.

2. Flower Tattoo

Flower Tattoo
6ix9ine Flower Tattoo (Source: Google)

Tattoo: On the left side of his brow is a tattoo of a rose blossom with a vine that extends down towards the left side of his face and ends near his ear.

Meaning: Tekashi got this tattoo to express his feelings for fellow rapper “XXXTentacion” after he died in the summer of 2018.

3. 69 Tattoos

69 Tattoos
6ix9ine 69 Tattoos (Source: google)

Tattoo: The rapper has the number 69 tattooed on his chest and stomach. The number 69 is tattooed in a pattern over the right half of his forehead and most of his upper left arm. His neck also has the number tattooed on it and wings on each side. Both of his forearms are likewise tattooed with a design of the number 69. His right forearm also has a few money signs strewn around. Both of his hands have tattoos with the number 69 on them. His knuckles have small xs tattooed, and the numerals 6 and 9 are inked on alternating fingers. His forehead, the region above his left brow, and the area below his left eye are all tattooed with the phrase “Six Nine” to symbolize the number 69. The number 69 is formed by all of the tattoos.

Meaning: In addition to symbolizing his stage name, the tattoo represents two alternative perspectives on the same item or number and is intended to educate people to consider other people’s choices. When questioned about the tattoo, Tekashi said, “Live life with an open mind and an open heart, and try to comprehend the person you are speaking with.”

4. Scum Tattoo

Scum Tattoo
6ix9ine Scum Tattoo (Source: google)

Tattoo: On the top part of his left forearm, he has the word “SCUM” enclosed between the numbers 6 and 9.

Meaning: Scum refers to the gang with whom Tekashi used to run. The crew’s moniker was Scum Gang, which stands for “Society Can’t Understand Me” and is a homage to all the youngsters that go through the difficulty and live day by day simply trying to get by.

5. Multi-Colored Flowers Tattoo

Multi-Colored Flowers Tattoo
6ix9ine Multi-Colored Flowers Tattoo (Source: google)

Tattoo: On his shoulders, he has a tattoo of ‘Multi-Colored Flowers.’

Meaning: Rotten Apple Art Alley tattooed this tattoo for him on October 20, 2020.

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6. Shark Tattoo

Shark Tattoo
6ix9ine Shark Tattoo (Source: Google)

Tattoo: He has a ‘Shark’ tattoo on his left chest.

Meaning: Shark tattoos represent authority, speed, and power, as well as curiosity, mystery, knowledge, and movement.

7. Spiderweb Tattoo

Spiderweb Tattoo
6ix9ine Spiderweb Tattoo (Source: Google)

Tattoo: Spiderwebs are tattooed on both sides of his face, on his jaw.

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