Lionel Laporte- All About The Father Of Aymeric Laporte

Aymeric Laporte of Manchester City and the Spain national team is named after his father, Lionel Laporte. Laporte used to play rugby. He was a player in France’s second tier.

Quick factsLionel Laporte

Full Name Lionel Laporte
First Name Lionel
Last Name Laporte
Profession Celebrity Father
Nationality French
Birth City Agen
Birth Country France
Gender Identity Male
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married
No Of Children 3
Education Bernard Palissy Agen

He is now married to his second wife.

Laporte had a wife named Agnes Febre. They had three children as a result of their marriage: two boys, Leo and Aymeric, and a girl, Alexia Laporte. Laporte worked at a grocer, while his wife worked as a hairdresser. Their marriage, however, did not endure, and they divorced. Laporte is married to his second wife right now. They presently live in Agen, Aquitaine.

Why did his kid choose Spain over France?

Aymeric, who was born in France, captained France’s young teams in the under-17, under-18, under-19, and under-21 levels. He was called up twice to the senior team but never played. He moved national teams in 2021 after obtaining Spanish citizenship and FIFA authorization to do so.

Lionel Laporte

But why did he choose Spain instead of France?

Didier Deschamps, the manager of France’s national team, said that he had no previous warning from Aymeric and that the only communication he received was about his injury in October. Later, in an interview with The Guardian, Aymeric recounted his side of the story, claiming that Deschamps did not react to a text message he sent before switching teams.

He said that they did not contact him since six years ago. He had sent a message but had not received a response. He might have changed his number or gotten a new phone, but he had responded to the same number he (Deschamps) had phoned from, he said. He also said that he is not claiming that France did not want him, but that he is thankful to those who “gambled” on him. He is attempting to restore confidence in Spain. It was not an easy choice since his family still lives in France and he played for the national team there from a young age. He said that there were several family talks, chats, exchanges of viewpoints, and doubts.

The reason he encouraged his kid to play football instead of rugby

Laporte, a former rugby player, wanted his son to play football rather than rugby and constantly encouraged him in that direction. Aymeric stated in an interview why his father chose football over rugby. He said that his father did not want him to play rugby because he believed it was too strenuous on the body, so he pushed him to play football at school, and that is how it all began.


He began as a striker, progressed to the midfielder, and is currently a center-half. When he was informed that only one of 1000 would become a professional player, he continued to fight for his ambition, working hard and sacrificing all it needed to get to where he is now.

Net worth

His net worth is presently being calculated. However, we now know the net worth of his son Aymeric, who is thriving in his sports career. His net worth is reported to be in the $10 million range.

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